Matilde is anapprehensive single mother who loves her daughter Ámbar above all things. With scarce time at her disposition, she finds herself in the dilemma of not being able to drop her off or pick her up from school. For this reason, she will have to rely on the school´s driver, Dany–an entertaining, simple man, who cares about the others,takes care of the children he looks after with tenderness, and is like another child himself. What started as apprecia)on from Ámbar towards Dany, will turn into admira)on. She will see him as the ideal father she never had. Meanwhile, Matilde discovers that her new boss is Cristóbal Moller,the man whole I herover 8 years ago without being aware that she was pregnant. Although Cristóbal tries to seduce her again, Matilde will be looking for something more.Dany has not only captivated young Ámbar...Matilde also feels something very beautiful for this noble man.