Domingo Aldunate is a millionaire who, like other parents in the country, feels guilty for not being present at home because of his work. Domingo does not know how to say no, especially to his wife Pepa, who wants to always look young, which is why she has had a lot of plastic surgeries. This has made his family become a group of shallow, selfish people, dependent on the father of the household. 
Suddenly, after his entire family forgets about his birthday, Domingo decides to turn his life around to reeducate them. It is then that he starts to say NO, which produces an earthquake in his family. Nothing will be the same for the Aldunate family, especially for Domingo, who will start to relax his stressful life, and will see how the real 2017 Chile is, and he will also find love in a free spirited woman, Pamela Morales.