Three lives will change after winning a coveted game of chance: Miguel, a lonely thief who will keep the lucky game cardboard he finds in Pascuala’s car, who never knew that the cardboard had the winning numbers, and, as her discreet benefactor, will make love blossom between them. Nelson, who lives in a small place. Immature and emotional, he has been dreaming of winning a huge prize and quickly makes up his mind: he purchases the soccer team he has supported since he was a child, ´Renca Juniors´, to turn it into South America´s ´Real Madrid´. Matilde and Tomás Varela are a couple of orphans who have lived a life marked by tragedy. Matilde buys a lucky ticket but discovers she can´t claim it because she is underage. When Dante, a prince charming who has come to save her, shows up, she does not imagine he is actually the nephew of the swindler who set up the encounter.