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Production dubbed to english. Using as a façade the furor and party clutter that the first version of the world´s dance festival originated, the powerful band of Harvey Noriega, dedicated to large and spectacular robberies, has the mission of robbing the Santa Helena, an old treasure rescued from the bottom of the ocean and hidden in the guarded Colombo-Spanish Bank´s vault, under the leadership of his President, Vicente Domínguez de Alba. However, what seemed like the perfect plan ends up being an overwhelming failure. Harvey now wants to avenge his son´s death, tricking his god-daughter Flora as bait to infiltrate Vicente´s life, whom he sees as the direct responsible for his misfortunes. This time around, Noriega thinks he has everything under control, but sometimes deception and love can get out of hand. Made in Cartagena is a series full of action and drama. Framed in the unknown and daring world of dancing, with a high dose of music, sensuality and spectacular landscapes that will help you discover all the flavor and reality of a Cartagena you´ve never seen before.



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    Flora María Díaz
    Flora is a beautiful and humble 20 year old woman who is outgoing, honest and outspoken. She comes from Bazurto, a low class neighborhood surrounded by music and color in fantastic Cartagena. She carries Champeta rhythm in her blood. Flora dreams of conquering the world by her boyfriend´s side, Watusi, whom she is madly in love with and partners with to win the Champeta dancing tournament at Bazurto dancing club. Her adoration is her older brother, Candelario, which is why she naively accepts Harvey´s offer to infiltrate Vicente´s life, in order to save her brother and her god-father from an alleged death threat.
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    Vicente Dominguez de Alba
    He is the 38 year old President of the Colombo-Spanish Bank of Cartagena and is in charge of the custody of the Santa Helena treasure, a valuable piece of gold that his bank has recovered from a shipwreck, thanks to the intense search that his late wife carried out during most of her life. This treasure becomes the reason for his fight against Harvey Noriega and his band. Despite being a handsome, mature and interesting man, Vicente closed the doors of love after the terrible murder of his wife, Marcela. He doesn’t believe he has the right to be happy with anybody else, feeling somehow responsible for what happened. The arrival of Flora in his life will change everything, because that woman, for whom his heart beats now, is the innocent infiltrated woman in charge of destroying him.
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    Harvey Noriega
    He is a 44 year old man with the strength of a bull and the skills of a fox. He is the owner of the famous Bazurto dancing club, but the place is only a cover up for his true business: he is the leader of a dangerous and sophisticated band of thieves that performs the most spectacular robberies. Harvey’s winning streak will end the day that his only son dies, during the operation against the Colombo-Spanish Bank to steal the Santa Helena. Revenge consumes Harvey’s life, because he’s convinced that Vicente directly responsible for the boy’s death.
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    Mireya Heredia
    She is the sensual 30 year old bartender that leaves every man drooling with her bottle and cocktail shaker tricks. But behind this sexy facade, is the chameleon in Harvey´s band, the one who dresses up and pretends to be different people in order to earn the trust of the innocent. Tatiana knows what she´s got and always gets what she wants… even if she has to pull the trigger to do it.
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    Watusi Herrera
    He is a unique, charismatic, witty and pleasant 22 year old young man. He carries Champeta in his veins and Flora in his heart. He is also humble and has the same noble feelings his girlfriend does, and in order to move forward on the right path, he has made informal beach sales an art: he teaches Champeta to the humble children of Bazurto to keep them away from bad opportunities, braids women´s hair, does massages, offers coconut water for its alleged aphrodisiac properties. No challenge will be too big for him and in his innocent coastal world, everything is possible. But Watusi will have to see how his wedding plans with Flora will fade away, as the love of his life gets closer to Vicente Domínguez with each passing day.
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    She is Vicente´s daughter, a truly rebellious teenager who has a terrible relationship with her father ever since he became a workaholic as a result of her mother´s death. Sofía doesn´t consider Vicente a real father and does everything in her power to overrule him and remind him that she, just like he does, feels Marcela´s absence. She has found refuge in contemporary dance and she will find in Flora the sister she never had and the path to discovering a new relationship with Vicente.