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Production dubbed to english. Emilio lives in New York but when he realizes that he has a daughter in Colombia, he decides to return to take on his role as a father. However, when he is traveling someone hides some dollars in his suitcase and the police arrest him. Emilio, in order to prove his innocence, cooperates with justice and avoids going to jail, but his past will forever be stained by this incident and the only job he can will get is as secretary to the commercial vice-president of the thriving toilet paper factory, Copito Industries. Antonia Fontalvo, his boss, has decided that she does not want a female secretary but rather a male and Emilio is perfect for the job. From the moment he “takes office”, Emilio will not only have to fight against the jealousy of the other secretaries on the floor but also the masculine version of the uniform that doesn’t fit him, the stenography, the phones, Secretary’s Day, the moods of his other boss and all the occupational hazards that come with the territory of his new condition. But he will also become his boss’s shadow and right hand and will inevitably fall in love with her. But Antonia is engaged with no other than the despicable Felix Segura, lord and master of Copito Industries.



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    Antonia Fontalvo
    30 years old, very attractive with classic beauty, grew up in a crib of gold and had the best opportunities. Then, while attending the university, her parents went broke and today she supports them. Because of that she’s extremely hard working and responsible; she’s completely dedicated herself to her career as Business manager and left her personal life aside. The most convenient thing for her was to accept the romantic requirements of Felix Segura, the owner of Copito Industries, since actually she’s not very good in that area. She still hasn’t fully realized it but this decision is leading her through a lonely path from which only a spontaneous and outgoing person like Emilio can take her out of. She’s decided to marry because she thinks it’s the obvious step to take given she’s in her thirties. The arrival of her secretary will confront her with many things that she sure of and she’ll change to become a person that gives herself the chance to enjoy things outside work.
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    Emilio Romero
    30 years old, of which the last 7 he spent delivering pizzas in New York, he’s a good guy, kind, honest, but extremely distracted and forgetful which always causes him trouble. When he finds out that he is the father of a 6 year old girl in his country, his life shifts and he is determined to meet her and serve as a father to her but he’s not well prepared to assume fatherhood. Little by little he warms up to the idea of being his daughter’s protector, whom she comes to love more than anything in the world. Emilio is attractive in an unconventional way, upbeat, optimistic, conservative, always trying to have a sense of humor and doesn’t give in to difficulties. He’s constantly in trouble, fighting against time and trying to do his job and as a single father. This life experience changes him profoundly and turns him in to a good father and an efficient employee. When he meets his boss, Antonia, he falls deeply in love with her even though he knows that this love is unreachable due to all the things that separate them. He dreams constantly with someday being with her, although deep down he knows that will never happen because a woman like her would never be interested in a guy like her… or would she?
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    Felix Segura
    38 years old, the oldest of the Segura brothers, he’s attractive, strong with charming character; he’s and ambitious man that has made a name for himself on his own which has turned him in to an arrogant and scheming being. He doesn’t settle for anything, he wants to be the most powerful, the richest, the most feared but also the most desired. He finds in Antonia the perfect woman to show off in society, but he’s not willing to abandon his constant affairs with other women. Diversifying has always worked for Felix in business as well as love. For several months he’s kept a secret affair with Paola, one of his fiance’s best friends, with whom he has the habit of taking little trips with to hotels around the world, in fact he has a world map marked with all of the places in the world he’s had sex in. He’s an adrenaline junky and needs strong emotions to feel alive. He has a lot of money and makes everyone feel his power. A man like that never thought that a simple secretary would be able to make him trip and take a woman from him.
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    Franklin Sotomayor
    35 years old. He is a well-known publicist who has been in charge of major accounts therefore he has good money and indulges himself. He considers himself a simple person and humble despite all his money and prestige, he says it hasn’t all gone to his head. Franklin is very active, he’s always coming up with genius ideas and takes them down to use in the future. He’s addicted to gadgets: latest technology in cell phones, laptops, etc. He uses brand clothing and shoes, he has an awesome imported car, and he plays squash at the club. He has an ideal life which he portrays to others making them all envious. Since he thinks of himself as generous, he always tries to help Emilio, offering him money as if it were charity. So much condescendence makes him unbearable to Emilio who sees in him a serious threat for Valentina’s love.
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    Mario Segura
    32 years old, is the youngest of the Segura brothers. He works at Copito Industries thanks to his brother Felix taking pity over him and giving him a second rate job, but not even by his own means. Contrary to his brother, Mario is a loser, a good-for-nothing drop out; this has made him resentful, doesn’t care about anything and only seeks personal pleasure. What he does get from his brother is his uncontrollable drive for sex, only Mario lacks the sexual stamina that Felix has so he has to flirt at whatever moves. He almost never has good results with women, because he becomes despicable for them. He’s a chauvinist that treats women like objects and constantly disrespects them. He becomes one of Emilio’s nemesis in the office because, being his superior, he constantly abuses of him making him do all sorts of things outside his contract. But eventually he’ll find in Emilio his worst nightmare when he finds out all his secrets.
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    Paola Zorrilla
    30 years old. An attractive woman, hot, but with a totally empty head and heart. She admits that she never stood out in anything and the only thing she’s good at is providing good sex. She takes advantage of her physical attributes to get what she wants. She was one of Antonia’s best friends during the university but actually she was always envious of her personality and intelligence and she wishes she could see her dragging herself on the floor like a worm. Very cleverly she has Antonia convinced that she’s on her side and that she can trust her, when at the same time she’s Felix’s lover and she makes fun of her friends infinite naivety. Paola feels that her relationship with Felix puts the scale in her favor and makes her the winner in a demented competition she has against Antonia. As a two faced backstabber Paola has been working on a master plan in which she keeps Felix Segura for herself and enjoys his fortune, getting out of the way forever that dopey Antonia. But she doesn’t count on Emilio the secretary starting to suspect her good intentions and keeping an eye on her.
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    Valentina Redin
    6 years old, daughter of Lorena and Emilio she’s a very sweet girl, smart and incredibly sensitive, it seems as though she weren’t listening when in fact she doesn’t miss a beat and she’s very clever. She grew up with her mother and her stepfather Franklin with whom she has a good relationship, which is something that makes Emilio jealous. When she goes to live 15 days out of the month with her dad, at first she doesn’t make it easy for him, she’s quiet most of the time and she doesn’t open up to Emilio which makes him sad. She will become the “lady” of the house and help her father a lot to overcome all the troubles he faces.