Production dubbed to english. Lack of money, detractors and unexpected debts on account of a house will force Martin Guerrero to quit the racetracks and sit behind the wheel of Natalia Toledo´s car as the chauffeur of this important executive. The woman´s countless demands and Martin´s habit of breaking the rules will end up bringing the two closer. Thanks to their differences they discover they are perfect for each other. A love for car racing and a tendency of four generations of women to always fall for the wrong man cause the Toledo women to get involved with men from a low class neighborhood. Eventually they find their long postponed happiness and a challenge that brings them together as a family: to get Martin and Julian, his fellow companion, back to the racetracks.



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    Martin Guerrero
    Speed lover and passionate about racing cars. His life purpose is to make a living as a car racer. Martin Guerrero is a man of many skills; he is daring and most of all charming. He is a man of few words yet when he chooses to speak every word he says has significant meaning. Since the day his father abandoned home, he became the house authority. He is the father figure for his sister and the emotional and economic support for his mother. He advocates for what he believes is fair and has no limits when doing so. This character is truthful, impulsive, and good-hearted. He is always willing to help those in need.
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    Natalia Toledo
    She’s the oldest of three sisters, and the CEO of the Toledo Candy Company, the largest factory in the country. Her responsibility, commitment and enthusiasm made the franchise’s name and sales expand more than ever over the last few years. Natalia is a beautiful woman; she is inflexible and knows her limits, she elutes adventure at all cost. On one hand this women is elegant, educated, honorable, and kind hearted. On the other hand, she is hardheaded, and disciplined in her actions.
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    He doesn’t believe in marriage so he went to live with his girlfriend Gaby when she got pregnant. He is the father of Beto, an eight year old boy who is his weakness and his Achilles heel and in whom he has instilled the love of cars. Julian wanted to race managed to follow car races closely, but his mother Gaby’s opposition led him to abandon his passion to go and work at Tulio’s neighborhood garage. There he met Martin, his assistant who happened to share his love for speed. From that moment on, Julian becomes the accomplice and sponsor of Martin’s dream and starts teaching him all he knows about race cars and encourages him to get into a car and do what he wasn’t able to do: successfully win a race.
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    Veronica Toledo
    Beautiful, attractive, amusing, she was Octavio’s weakness and the most darling of the three sisters. She lost her father a few days before she was fifteen, a hard blow she hasn’t fully overcome. Soon after, she decides to go to Los Angeles to start a new life. She is driven by her desire to become a famous actress in America. But unfortunately her wish and being the face of a successful Colombian candy company were not enough to reach her goal. Despite many unsuccessful attempts she made her family believe she was making it abroad, her face never appeared on screen.
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    Juliana Toledo
    The youngest and the most spoiled of the three sisters grew up to be the rebel of the family. Despite being raised in a wealthy family, she could care less about appearances. On the contrary, she avoids boasting about all she has and prefers to be seen by her friends as a common teenager. She’s about to graduate high-school, even though she is not the best student. Juliana likes to make her own decisions and is definitely against the perfect standards imposed on her at home. She is clever, and just as easy as she gets into problems, she can get out of them.
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    He is an impulsive rebellious young man who lives according to his own rules. His father died when he was a child and his mother left home to look for better opportunities leaving him under the care of his paternal grandmother who works day and night to earn a living. Due to lack of authority, Lucas grows up doing whatever he wants and ends up getting involved with bad people who make him into a master in the art of cheating and deception.
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    Elena Toledo
    She is the mother of the Toledo girls. She grew up in the factory’s neighborhood in a lower class family that only raised her to become a mother and a wife. Her first love was Jose, also known as “Pepe,” but that love faded with the appearance of Octavio Toledo, a handsome and wealthy man whom her parents immediately set eyes on. The successful young man promised to be a good prospect for her daughter, much better than penniless Pepe. That was how Elena, pushed by her parents, ended up marrying Octavio. Not long afterwards Natalia and the other two girls were born. From the outside, this woman had everything she needed: a rich husband, everyone’s appreciation and a large house.