Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord becomes the first series in spanish to be on Itunes

After seducing the audiences in 5 continents, the successful series Pablo Escobar, the Drug Lord (74x1h), produced by Caracol Television and distributed by Caracol TV International, is the first Spanish speaking series to arrive on iTunes, as of last Tuesday, May 26th. This way, Apple users from the United States and Canada will be able to watch each episode one of the chapters of this super production in is Spanish version or with the aid of English subtitles. 
Shot with high production standards, with more than 1.300 actors and almost 450 locations, Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord tells the story of the most feared drug dealer in the history of Colombia; his childhood, teen age years and all the journey that made him turn out to be one of the most wanted characters in the decade of the 90´s. With this story, TV viewers will learn how this terrorist impacted Colombian society and also the world with his actions.  
With Andres Parra in the lead role, the cast is also formed by Angie Cepeda, Christian Tappan, Nicolas Montero, Ernesto Benjumea, Cecilia Navia and Vicky Hernandez, among others, who play some of the people who were linked to the man who made violence his way of life. 
Besides the great success achieved in countries like Brazil, Holland, France, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Ghana, in Colombia, the opening of this super production turned out to be the most watched premiered in the Country’s television history. 

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