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119 episodes



Five professionals of the wheel go out daily to the streets to earn their living, confronting rough traffic, circumventing the passengers’ mood and always to the expectation of what could happen; because in this job, the chance and the unexpected are a constant and every haul can mean the start of an adventure. Ana, Flor, Rocky, Luis and Manuel are street warriors. They are always exposed; they live on the mercy of those unknown and temporary companions that are their passengers and in that way, it is not strange, that the stories and conflicts of others get them in their own adventures. They are moving workers and they are in contact with the world, incautious, that without looking for it, they get involved in events which suddenly become them sometimes in heroes, sometimes in victims, but always in protagonists of situations either unsuspected as close and real. Tha back seat of a taxi cab is a scenario. This would be the place where all kinds of characters will travel and open the curtain to assist an infinite of histories -criminal, passionate, dramatic, of suspense, etc.-, all with a development and a resolution taken to comedy.



  • as 
    Luis Monsalve
    He is 32 years old and the other taxi drivers have him identified as the “big mouth”. Luis is the suitable worker who constantly tries to win the boss by any means. In theory, he works as taxi driver but in practice, he is Mr. Evaristo’s lapdog. Being worth saying, that every phrase, murmur, babble, gossip, or project among the taxi drivers, Mr. Evaristo learns thanks to the diligence of Luis. Luis is harmless, but not reliable because when it comes to making decisions, he driven by personal interests. But his colleagues have him clearly identified, they know exactly what to expect from him, and it could be said that they understand him, they tolerate him, and even like him.
  • as 
    Ana Diazgranados
    She is 40 years old, she loves to be a taxi driver, but she is not conformed to what she earns in that job. That is why she always looks for alternatives to make money. Ana is ambitious and far-fetched, but she is also generous and bountiful with those who inspire her affection. She is the greatest gossiper in the Yellow Team, but she hides it by saying that her thing is to worry about the problems of the ones she is close.
  • as 
    Don Evaristo Cuellar
    He is the owner of THE YELLOW TEAM and the only thing he cares for is money. He is suspicious on extreme, rude with the taxi drivers and like he is also paranoid, he is always on the defense and convinced that his employees are plotting against him and plan to unionize.
  • as 
    Gabriela Ponce
    The radio operator, she is 26 years old and her suggestive voice and her sensual tone have become in a symbol of YELLOW TEAM. She is the one that spices things up since she is beautiful, sexy, cheerful and provocative.



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