75 episodes



Catalina is a young 17 year old woman that in spite of being sweet and smiling, she hasn’t found a full happiness, because she has a complex: she has small breasts. One day she meets again with her platonic love from her childhood, Rafael Duque, who now is a rich man and who everybody respects, because he is one of the most important drug dealers of the country. Catalina starts having a passionate affair with “El Duque”, but this love will have to overcome several tests. On one hand, Catalina will confront her family, because her mother and her brother do not approve of the young man for being a drug dealer. On the other hand, “El Duque” will constantly show Catalina that the love he feels for her is true, by protecting her from the hard and violent world of the drug trafficking. He even gets to the point when he considers the possibility of starting a new life away from that squalid world and that decision won’t be easy to make.