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This is the story of two characters that categorically influenced the political fate of the seventies, changing the future of the country: Amanda Mora, a teacher who is initiated into witchcraft and her talent makes her the most renowned and influential witch in the nation. Jaime Cruz is the first drug dealer in the country who wants to take over everything. To achieve what he wants there’s Amanda who uses her influences to unleash the first relationship between drug dealers and politicians in the country, setting up a meeting between Jaime Cruz and the Governor of her department. Both, advised by Amanda, consolidate a great political power in the province, winning the elections and giving out jobs to crush their enemies. The Governor, charmed by Amanda’s powers, introduces her to the President of the country in order for her to get some “work” done related to witchcraft. Her influence is so great that she becomes his personal advisor. This alliance among witchcraft, drug dealing and politics soon provoked a huge scandal nationwide which was the beginning of the end for Amanda and Jaime Cruz. The country was never the same.



  • as 
    Amanda Mora
    Amanda Mora, an innate educator; gets involved in the arts of witchcraft at a very young age. She begins by reading the cigarette to her friends and later studies with every witch or sorcerer she´s recommended to. Her predictions are so correct that her services are requested by important women in her town. Her fame reaches the region´s Governor, who gets carried away by her intelligence and her abilities as a witch; he introduces her to the Country´s President, and they both pay her to give them advice in both, business and love matters. Amanda meets Jaime Cruz, one of the first drug-lords of Colombia, and befriends him; she introduces him to the Governor. The three of them form a power triangle in which politics, mafia and witchcraft join forces in order to win the elections and have dominion over the region. Despite having so much power, Amanda can´t be with Leonel, the man she loves, because her witchcraft skills are not enough to separate him from his wife. Her obsession with witchcraft will immerse her in a dark world from which it is very difficult to escape from, and her only salvation will be Leonel´s love.
  • as 
    Jaime Cruz
    He is one of the first recognized drug-lords in Colombia. He was born in a humble home, worked the land in several coffee farms to make a living, and later disappeared from his town only to return after several years as the owner of a large fortune. He, as many others, took his first steps in the underworld by doing small thefts and extortions. Later, he dominated several drug traffic routes that, in their majority, passed through Mexico, in order to introduce cocaine in the United States. When he returns, Cruz buys the whole town: the main park houses, the club, the cock-fight ring, the stores, the supermarket, the bus company, the ranches, the farms, the women and, of course, most of the town´s people´s consciences, as well as the local politician´s loyalty. He meets Amanda, who will later introduce him to the region´s Governor and the two of them will form a frightening alliance between drug traffic and politics.
  • as 
    Leonel Cortez
    He is a country man, smart, cold, hard worker, disciplined and expert in anything related to the coffee culture. He works with his father in law, Octavio, owner of one of the most beautiful coffee haciendas of the region, and the most important natural leader and politician in town. Leonel is in an unhappy marriage with Claudia, because his heart belongs to Amanda, and his love for her will become his torture.
  • as 
    Carmen Mora
    She is Amanda´s mother respected by the high class society in town. She has always been a political ally of Octavio, but when the Governor and Jaime Cruz unite, they decide to convince Carmen to be their next candidate for the new political alliance, in order to obtain more power and use it in their favor. Carmen accepts and finds herself involved, with time, in a great political scandal when Octavio unveils Jaime Cruz and the Governor, and denounces them in the Republic´s National Congress.
  • as 
    Octavio Mejia
    He is the most recognized politician and the most influential person in town. He defines what´s wrong and what´s right. He is a traditional coffee farmer and discovers, in his crop, the first outbreak of coffee rust in the country, and soon the plague will become an unprecedented coffee crisis that will bring the farmers in town to their economic ruin. As leader of the region, he is the only one who confronts Jaime Cruz´s power, and promises to unveil him and denounce him to the authorities for his drug-trafficking activities and for his suspected responsibility on the death of his son, under strange circumstances in Mexico City.


Henry Duque
Asier Aguilar
Diego Forero & Diego López