24 episodes

Who will love Maria Demo


Life will cause a stir in Marcia Guerra’s existence, warning her that she is approaching her self-imposed deadline to have a child. The only snag for this woman used to achieving everything she sets her mind on, is that, at the time our story starts, she does not have, nor does she wish to have a steady relationship with a man, as deception has hardened her heart and has made her give up love forever. She considers love, just as almost all feelings, something annoying, illogical and pathological. Consequently, against the opinion of everybody around and opposing what her own gagged instinct tries to scream from deep in her soul, she decides that she will make an absolutely rational, methodical and structured selection of the man that will supply the genetic material for her dream of having a child to materialize. The first step she will take is to choose a group of four prospective candidates to whom she will approach in order to analyze them thoroughly as possible stud-partners. What Marcia ignores is that, once she sets to such a particular enterprise, she will inevitably make the same mistake she had struggled to avoid: she will fall in love with the least suitable man and this love will turn into a hindrance for her so well calculated plan.



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