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Through four incredible stories, intertwined with four different characters that intervene during each phase of the complex route of cocaine trafficking (from its elaboration, distribution, commercialization and finally, once its reached the consumer), this series reveals the true realities faced by those that through different circumstances of life end up on this path with no way out. Four optics, four phases, one road… how far will it go? The White Line is a mega production of Colombia’s Caracol Televisión and Cadenatres from México. Filmed in some of the most incredible locations in Miami, México City, Bogotá and the Colombian rain forest region, four directors will be on location in each country filming all four units simultaneously.

Co-production of Caracol Television with Cadena Tres



  • as 
    Francisca Rojas
    She is a 26 year old country girl, humble, hard working and with a good heart. When she becomes a widow, due to the war and violence in Colombia, she is obligated to leave everything behind to find a new future away from her homeland, not only looking out for her own life but also for the life of her small son and adolescent brother. So many blows along the way made her proud and perseverant, but the difficult situation of those who are displaced have to face a hard reality, and the very little alternatives available to survive will make her go time and time again to the cocaine business.
  • as 
    Esteban Mejia
    He is a 40 year old Colombian politician, with a very promising and impeccable career. He is transparent, intelligent, honest and ethical. He has a clear position in respects to the world of drug trafficking, for which he is determined to give a heads on fight against this worldly flagellum. The only secret he has will work against him: he is homosexual. This information will get to one of the Colombian drug lords, who will start to blackmail him in order to get him to do all types of illegal demands. This will put him in a serious predicament of either following his principals and confront his truth regardless of the consequences in a world where the double moral makes no exceptions for anyone and even less in politics, or to live a life that doesn’t belong to him in order to keep up with appearances and end up becoming an essential part of that world that he has so much condemned and hated throughout his life.
  • as 
    Homero Paz
    He is a 52 year old Mexican drug trafficker, violent, aggressive and chauvinist, who made 100% of his fortune dedicated to this illegal business. For him, work and money are what matters most in life, leaving always his family in second place. Due to his priorities and his bad temper, he will unravel a war to death with his sons, who only want respect for their mother and attention from the father they have never had. In the end, all of whom are a part of this route, sooner or later will have to pay the price.
  • as 
    Alejandro Sandoval
    He is a young and handsome 26 year old actor that was formed in theater. Even though his career on television has been very short, he has become an actor with a lot of future, to whom fame came very fast and disrupts everything, even his relationship with his girlfriend, his greatest love. His life will change forever when he gets hired exclusively by a Hispanic channel in the United States. This will become a lethal trap and he will end up submerged in a non-ending spiral when he becomes addicted to cocaine, causing him to forget his essence, his roots and his true love.


Cristina Palacios
Dago García, César Augusto Betancur, Juan Andrés Granados, Claudia Sánchez & Andrés Huertas
Carlos García Agraz, Daniel Aguirre, Jacobo Rispa, Juan Camilo Pinzón & Germán Porras
Jerónimo Rodríguez, Carlos Crayma, Juan Pablo Puentes, Enrique Luna & Germán Plata
Denise Camargo, David Chacón, Modulario S.A.S. & Roberto Kattán
Francisco Gonzáles
Amparo Gutiérrez & Juan Carlos Villamizar
Jimmy Pulido