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This is the fun and hilarious story of Patricio Umaña, a good guy, dreamer and a wealthy man who lives in the country´s capital right in the center of the nation. He is a mega event organizer that after many business failures decides to bring the world´s music star of the moment to the country. But bad luck seems to chase him and even though this opportunity seemed to point towards triumph, he fails again. Patricio, harassed by suppliers, sponsors, fans of the artist and who knows by how many more debts, is forced to run away with his extremely sophisticated family. They arrive at the far and forgotten municipality of “The Opportunity”, a small and simple town by the coast in which, from the moment they get there, Patricio is mistaken for the late Nepomuceno Feria´s son, an inhabitant of this town. Now, Umaña has a new plan: until the storm passes, he and his family will claim to be the relatives of “don Nepo”. But, can the Umaña family successfully fake being the Feria family? These humble people are from the coast and have completely opposite customs to their sophisticated city lifestyle, in other words, these people are everything they´re not. Can they pretend until Patricio, the most elegant and demanding of all and who is a fugitive from justice, solves his problems in order to clean his name, make money and give his family their lives back? One thing we are sure of is that Umaña and his family will make you laugh nonstop.



  • as 
    Patricio Umaña
    He is a 40 years old events and show organizer. He has a completely urban lifestyle, apparently wealthy, sophisticated and a big spender. He´s also a good guy, optimist, naïve, a dreamer and a visionary, but above all, he has bad luck. Every time he begins an a new business venture, he ends up being robbed or things don´t turn out the way he expected them to, that´s why he has no other choice but to make up “stories” and tell certain “little lies” to avoid worrying his wife. Even though he is a resourceful man and fights back against all odds, he usually ends up getting himself in a bigger mess, and this time won´t be the exception: Umaña and his family will pretend being something they´re not. In other words: it will be just as a cat living in a dog pound and pretending to be, without being discovered, the most canine of all the canines.
  • as 
    Angela Nieto de Umaña
    She is a beautiful 37 year old woman, elegant and well-spoken who works with her husband, Patricio Umaña, and has never lost faith in him. But they go from failure to failure and, little by little, they have been spending away the money he inherited. Her arrival to the coast has been a tough break for her, she´s going to have to grow up a lot, wear some “pants”, work in anything, even selling ice creams if she has to, and forget the diva life she had, as her husband finds out how he´s going to solve the problem he started and drove them away from their previous luxurious life.
  • as 
    Felipe Umaña
    This 16 year old young man thinks he is pleasant, intelligent, gallant and a winner, but he´s completely the opposite: a total loser. But in the coast, and thanks to his foreign condition, according to him, he will finally be able to make his dream come true: be the most popular guy and become the most desired man of the whole coast.
  • as 
    Sagrario Cruz
    She is 40 years old. She arrived at the Umaña house when she was 20 years old and as it should be expected, they owe her a lot of money. Despite it all, she loves the family. Resourceful, spontaneous, nosy, gossipy, smart, snooty, daring, realist and honest, Sagrario is the type of woman who says everything that others want to say but won´t dare to. That´s why, even if she tries to, she won´t be able to hide that she is the biggest country girl of all.
  • as 
    Daniela Umaña
    She´s 19 years old and unlike her brother, she´s the most popular girl in school, the most attractive, the girl who makes all the others jealous… she´s the kind of girl who feels, looks and thinks she´s better than everybody else in the world. That´s why, her arrival to the coast will be a lot more than just a punishment: she hates the weather, the people, the place… everything. The only thing she wants is to go back and reunite with her group of popular friends and her boyfriend. But what´s going to hurt the most will be falling in love with the most “coastal” guy of all, sergeant Payares.
  • as 
    Cabo Fernando Payares
    He´s 25 years old and he´s an extremely attractive man; joyful, chatty, a good dancer and a good singer. He is a dignified representative of the coastal race, but responsible and a very strict man when it comes to his job. When the Feria Falla family arrives to town, he suspects something is wrong with them. He is keeping a close eye on them and he is the one who will make them go through the toughest tests to continue hiding their true identity, because his intention is to get a promotion and earn the whole town´s respect. What he doesn´t know is that he will end up earning Daniela´s heart.
  • as 
    Lorenza de Nieto
    She is the “mother” of sophisticated women, she´s the most arriviste of all, the most refined one. She used to spend her mornings at the club, the afternoons at the beauty salon and her evenings of tea and cookies with her hypocritical girlfriends. She can´t stand anybody, not her son-in-law, not her maid and least of all, the coastal people who represent for her everything that a distinguished city person should NOT be. But unfortunately for her, she´ll have to put up with all those people when she´s forced to be in the coast.
  • as 
    Fidel Daza
    He is 55 years old and is a cattle ranch owner of the region; hard worker, honest, loyal and generous… but has a small sin: he´s the biggest flirt. He is full of children but he takes care of all of them with no exceptions. Besides, he has a good relationship with all the women he´s had children with. It is expected that with Lore´s arrival to town, Fidel will set his eyes on her, because she will surely be the woman whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Jhonny Ortiz, Hector Vargas & Adriana Barreto
Mauricio Rodriguez
Biviana Arango, Jhon Ojeda, Nazhly Cárdenas
Leandro Savogal & Diego Rosso
Omar Vidal & Leonardo Rincón
Maria Cristina Romero & Clara López
Carlos Arango & Juan Pablo Ramirez
Claudia Acevedo
Silvia Gómez & John Barrios
Luis Orjuela & "Chemo" Anselmo Calvo
Juan Carlos Villamizar