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Production dubbed to english. This is the story of Helena Vargas, a Colombian singer who longed to be free during a terribly machista time (the fifties), when women had more duties than rights and were expected to be only wives and mothers. Helena found in music a way to express her deep desire for freedom, overcoming all obstacles in a prejudiced society, beginning with her family. This music after years of struggle, would bring her success, but was also the origin of the worst humiliations. It also became the soundtrack of her two great loves: one that almost put an end to her life, and another one that filled her days with happiness. Helenita left her mark as a woman, as a person and as a performer, anticipating people’s feelings and preferences. Like no other, she understood that popular music has no age, no sex, no class, and that during times of violence, her unsurpassable voice would be capable of uniting an entire nation. A production of CMO PRODUCCIONES for Caracol Televisión



  • as 
    Helenita Vargas young
    Since she was seven, Helenita knew that all she wanted in life was to become a singer, and found in Mexican music the most suitable vehicle for her voice.
  • as 
    Helenita Vargas adult
    It wasn’t easy for her to defend her vocation, because she lived in a time that was plagued with prejudices particularly regarding women. But it was precisely this repressive environment that gave Helenita the courage she needed to overcome all obstacles and opinions to achieve her dream.
  • as 
    Ana Julia Marulada
    Ana Julia is Helena’s mother, a religious, cold, repressed and repressive woman, particularly with Helena. She accepted to marry her husband because she knew he was a good man with a nature she could mold and manage at her will. Life will eventually show her how wrong she was when she sees that her daughter attains success in spite of it all.
  • as 
    Germán Hincapié
    A charming man in the full sense of the word; he managed to win the heart of Helena, who was 30 years younger than him. But after they get married, he will show his true self: a manipulator, abusive and machista man, characteristics that led Helenita to run away even while pregnant, which will represent the lowest blow this man could ever receive.