60 episodes



For the first time, “Undercover Law” will bring to screen the real story of an all-women special police team. They will have to be extremely careful to fulfill the duties required as infiltrates in the lives of the most dangerous criminals, putting their lives as mothers, wives and women at risk. Sandra, Amelia and Tatiana are secret agents, while Alejandra, a drug mule, becomes an informant to avoid going to prison. Each one will live under a false identity in different settings: Amelia, in a Pacific jungle coca-growing plantation; Tatiana, with the mafia pilots; Sandra, within white collar criminals, and Alejandra, with Lerner Junior, the late capo di tutti’s son. Together, they will manage to get links with the new criminal net, ending up as involved as their targets.


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    Undercover Mission: Intervalues Objective: To collect evidence about money laundering practices in Intervalues from the drug trafficking business, becoming friends with the “Doctor´s” wife.
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    Undercover Mission: Pilots Cartel Objective: To access the closest circle of “Capi”, leader of the pilots´ cartel and to get information about the elation with the “Doctor”, “Barbas” and their landing strips and routes.
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    Undercover Mission: Criminal Gang Camp. Objective: To be recruited as a cook in order to infiltrate the camp of AKA “Barbas”.
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    Undercover Mission: “Los Gringos” Objective: To become the escort of the Americans when they are in the country and get information about who their contacts are in Colombia. Travel with them. Understand the distribution channels in the USA.