118 episodes



Luis and Alejo are two close knit brothers who are suddenly forced to leave their home town in a tragic manner.   They lose everything and arrive at the capital in search of better fortune.    
Through sheer casualty, they end up working in the country’s best restaurant, where their father whom they thought dead, also works.    There they meet beautiful and sweet Andrea Zavatti, the restaurant’s owner who’s about to get married, and they both fall in love with her.   Thereon ensue the latent internal conflicts that have always existed between the two.   Luis betrays Alejo, and through deceit manages to win over Andrea’s love.   After that, Luis disappears and is believed dead.   Months later Andrea and Alejo are reunited again through their pain and unleash their love for each other, the one they had always longed for.   But Luis comes back to claim what is his, and has to confront what he believes is a fatal betrayal on the part of his brother.   He decides to take revenge.   The family nucleus is destroyed and the two brothers become bitter enemies, thereby forcing Andrea to decide between the two.