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This is the story of a man with a humble origin that becomes the greatest swindler in the history of the country. Rolando Castaño is daring, skillful for businesses and charming with women. With his casual look, very soon he manages to win the confidence of all the people that he meets. Nevertheless, his excessive desire to get money in a fast and easy way, without considering the consequences and with no qualms at all, will take him to swindle the people of entire neighborhoods; people that believed in his businesses and that trusted him by giving him all their savings, expecting that Castaño will double their utilities. It wasn't enough for him to become the tsar of the enterprises that collect money and to position his huge empire. Rolando is determined to penetrate the highest social circles where he dazzles many people from the elite, but especially, the family of a well known business man and president of an important lawyer's office, from where Castaño will perform his most dirty tricks and that he will use to launder millions of dollars. He will also get involved with the lawyer's daughter, a rich and sophisticated girl that also ends up falling into his traps, like many other women that Rolando will get to fall in love with him, looking for his own interest or just for the fun of it. Up to where will the ambition of this “enchanter” get? Who will set the limits to his dreams?



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    Rolando Castaño
    Rolando Castaño is a man that is very clever and shrewd for doing business. He is very talkative and chatty and he is very charming with women. Thanks to his nice conversation and to the confidence he generates, people around him believe in his lies about how to double the profits by saving little money. In his disproportionate actions in the high class of the capital city, he meets the aristocrat Luisa Solarte, and he will immediately fall for her. Rolando feels that Luisa fulfills all his expectations both in the romance and in his excessive eagerness for getting money and that is from where Rolando will set up the entire structure to cheat hundreds of gullible investors.
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    Luisa Solarte
    Luisa Solarte is talented, ambitious and she has leadership qualities thanks to the education that she got from her father and to her education in the United States. She is Marco’s girlfriend; he is a good friend of her family and he has just arrived in the country to replace his brother Nacho in the presidency of Solarte and Associates. She meets Rolando and in their turbulent romance she will fall into the trap that they both set, thanks to their unlimited ambition that will take them to a financial and s
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    Juan Ignacio Solarte
    Juan Ignacio Solarte is Luisa’s brother; he is a lawyer and executive at Solarte and Associates. He has a very unstable life and he has got everything he has thanks to his father’s money. It is difficult for him to make decisions and the only thing that seems to be interesting for him is hanging out with wealthy people, going to all the social events that take place in the most exclusive places of the city, and meeting people from the showbiz, which makes him a not very outstanding lawyer and he also makes the business of his family go bankrupt, thanks to his lack of responsibility and his little knowledge about business.entimental disaster.
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    Magnolia is Ruth and Otilio’s daughter; she is 21 years old and she has just graduated from high school because she has never been a good student. She has her mother’s desires to pretend to be what she is not and since she thinks she belongs to a wealthy family, she won’t get into a university of her economic level, because she says that is not the kind of place where she belongs. She can’t stand Eliana Giraldo, Hortensia’s daughter, because she thinks Eliana is more beautiful than her. When Rolando arrives in the neighborhood, she falls for him and along with her mother’s help, she tries to win his heart by all means. He is not interested in her, but he will use her for some of his dark purposes.


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