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The Soul Sisters are two heroines who give everything for their family, their artistic career and a musical genre which showers them with fame and glory, but takes away part of their childhood and youth. Nelly and Fabiola Calle hold on to their voices and they set out to position the popular music, a genre that was despised by radio stations and record labels. Their life will not be easy since they will be forced to be the bread feeders of the family. As young children they will suffer because of their father and as adults because of their husbands. They will live stories of abandonment and lack of love as dramatic as the lyrics of their songs. Their biggest achievement is that they started from the bottom and with everything against them, they hang on to their love for music and the overwhelming power of their two voices to achieve the impossible: to position and sell to society a musical genre that only few artists were able to reach recognition with.



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    The eldest of the two sisters. She is the “politically correct one” and the moral and social conscience of the duo. Although discreet and sensible, the second voice of “The Soul Sisters” is the voice that calls for reason, keeping the accounts and taking care of the family economy. She is very close to her mother (Mrs. Tulia) and swears she will live with her until death do them part because “no man is more important than my mother”. She has a lot of suitors, some boyfriends but she dismisses them as soon as things start getting serious and as soon as they propose. Fabiola is more serious about her commitment to music and the decision of remaining by her mother´s side. Her resistance falters when Lorenzo shoes up, a guitar player who comes in to be the musical director of Colombia´s most popular duet. Fabiola, as well as Nelly and the mistrusting Mrs. Tulia, fall to the good manners and chivalry of this snake charmer who convinces them all with false words, dinner invitations and serenades given by himself. When Fabiola is 31 years old, she marries him, and it won’t be long before she discovers the true nature of the man she got. Fabiola is a living example of someone who nit-picks and ends up getting the worse. Lorenzo does not contribute one single cent to the household, while at the same time he steals from her, forces her to pay his debts from gambling and bad habits, and brings a bad atmosphere to the group when he takes advantage of his position as the husband of one of the owners in order to do whatever he pleases. This obviously gets him in serious trouble with Nelly. After three years of marriage and with a one year old son, Fabiola discovers Lorenzo is cheating on her and decides to get him out of the group and out of her life and leaves him literally out in the street.
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    Nelly Calle
    The youngest and first voice of “The Soul Sisters” is a walking magnet, not only because of her beauty but also because of her talent and her sense of humor. If it were up to Nelly Calle, she would throw a party every day. She likes to drink hard liquor. She drinks it to warm up before a show, when she is happy and also when she is broken hearted. Her handling of money has always brought her problems with Fabiola since she spends half of her money giving it away to whoever asks for it and the other half she spends in vanity and buying things for her, which are neither few nor cheap. When she is 24 years old, Nelly meets Julian who will become the man with whom she will have a conflictive and tempestuous relationship for 28 years which will be interrupted multiple times and threatened by obsessive jealousy on his part.
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    For many years he is the manager and representative of “The Soul Sisters”. He meets Nelly and is instantly love struck and after a few months they were already living together. On the contrary to Lorenzo, Julian is hard working, responsible, an entrepreneur, a good father and very considerate towards Nelly. But to the protagonists of this story nothing is a fairy tale and soon Julian’s love towards Nelly starts to reveal itself like an obsessive and sick feeling, which detriments the relationship and risks the continuity of “The Soul Sisters”. He wants Nelly to live her life only for him, to only speak to him, to be with him all the time. In the shows his blood boils when he sees she is succeeding and drawing all the attention. In his absurd paranoia he feels his woman flirts with all men and is going to betray him as soon as she can. If it were up to him, the group would no longer exists, he would distance her from the stage and recording studios and Nelly would become an old fashioned housewife, like those who at home the entire day, always available to take care of her husband and the children they have together.
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    Fabiola´s husband and for several years musical director of “The Soul Sisters”. He is a compilation of all the flaws a woman might find in a husband: unfaithful, abusive, drunk, a stalker of women, a bad father, a greedy man, a thief, a liar, manipulative, who does not collaborate with supporting the family economy and above all a hypocrite and swindler who by the time of becoming the guitar player of the duet sells a false image of himself. Lorenzo meets Fabiola, finds out that she is very weary of men and from then on he carefully prepares the terrain to lure her in and seduce her. The guitar player marries her, gets the job as musical director of the group and from then on starts showing his true colors, and show himself as the terrible human being he is.



Asier Aguilar
Luis Alberto Restrepo & Juan Carlos Vásquez
Ricardo Torres & Germán Giraldo
Cesar Augusto Betancur
Henry Duque
Jorge Sandoval, Juan David García & Jaime Rayo
Clemencia Páramo