45 episodes

Roman x 2 Demo


During the last 20 years, Roman has been the head of two different homes located in different neighborhoods, takes care of two wives and provides for the teenage offsprings of both marriages. Amanda and Noelia are very different women, but both offer things that satisfy him. He loves and appreciates both, but lies to them, since each ignore the existence of the other family. They are aware that husband and father has to be available for his boss twenty four/seven which implicates frequent unforeseen events. Both homes are controversial and he will have to multiply himself to solve simultaneous problems that arise. The hectic life, rushes and lies to keep both separate worlds in harmony will be a constant feature in the story. He finds himself amidst two worlds because instead of choosing one of the two women, he decided to keep both. The climax will arrive when they try to abduct his boss and Roman, in a reckless intent to save him from the claws of the thugs, is seriously injured and left unconcious for many days. Both wives uncover the husband and the story will take a complicated and unexpected twist.