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Rodrigo Leal had all worked in his life and his happiness was written. It was the chef of one of the trendiest restaurants in town. He believed in love and was about to marry Lucia Villamil. Lucia's family adored him and, motivated by the great debt of gratitude for having been welcome as a son, he let them a store so they could survive. But fate played a dirty trick. The restaurant he worked for went out of fashion and Rodrigo came in a downsizing. He fell behind in paying the mortgage payments and was finally notified by the bank that was about to lose the unique heritage of the Villamil family. Driven by desperation and willing to do anything to save the house, Rodrigo came to the "Hotel Real" casting with the idea of winning the prize of 300 million pesos. Unfortunately he was rejected out of the first casting for the production because they needed a "gay" participant, but later he decided to pose as one to get on the reality. From the time Rodrigo becomes part of "Hotel Real, where the temptation never sleeps" his life will never be the same. Not only because of having to reach a ramshackle hotel rebuild in order to win the competition but come to live with nine strangers or having to live 24 hours a day watched by television cameras and audiences around the country. But above, all, to feel from the first moment an attraction to the beautiful and charming hostess of the show, Carmen Morena, who also likes Rodrigo from the first moment he sees him but the contract she signs prevents her from getting involved romantically with any of the contestants of the reality.