60 episodes


This is the story of “La Chiqui”, the youngest daughter of a family of truckers. In this universe of trucks, where macho men, popular music and roadside love stories rule, “La Chiqui” gets pregnant. Her father kicks her out of her family home, forcing her to face a world where no one believes in her because she is a woman. However, she will manage to get ahead with her job, becoming a respected woman in her guild. 



  • as 
    "La Chiqui"
    “La Chiqui” is her family’s little girl, who grew up surrounded by trucks, engines and testosterone. Her life will change when she gets pregnant from a man that doesn’t love her, becoming a single mother who must fight for her place in a world dominated by men.
  • as 
    “Peluche” is the Briceño family’s cousin, that Armando took under his wing since he was five; and that’s why they call him “picked up child”. Even though he grew up with Cecilia who is practically his sister, he’s deeply in love with her, but was never able to admit it.
  • as 
    A man with an overwhelming personality, capable of telling any lie in order to secure his romantic flings. He’s a lady’s man, but has an official girlfriend, “la Tati”, a beauty queen and model with whom he ends up getting married.