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It tells the story of Felipe Guerra, a young foreman of a cattle ranch, who discovers in the eyes of the beautiful Lina Maria Henao, the one true love. Aware of the economic differences between his beloved and himself, he decides to accept the proposal to capture the drug lord Miguel de Jesus Ortega for a million-dollar reward. During the length of this mission, the young man will assume a new identity and forget about the city where he was born. But what about Lina while he's gone? Cristian, who is supposed to be Felipe’s best friend, will have no problem accompanying her until he returns.



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    Felipe Guerra
    He grew up among cattle and pastures. For him, riding a horse came before notebooks or any other school supply. He was recently in the armed services. He learned self-defense and how to use guns while in the military. He is a good fighter, athletic but not because he does exercise, he owes his fit physical condition to the day to day work he performs at the farm. He loves his farm work. He is a skilled horseback rider, knows how to dominate a horse and handle cattle. He is very serene when it comes to love. Felipe is saving himself for the woman who steals his heart. He works at the farm that was once handled by his parents. His best friend is Cristian, the owner’s son. Regardless of the social differences they were both raised like brothers. They love and respect each other. They would both be willing to do anything for each other.
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    Lina Maria Henao
    She is a very attractive woman that comes to live at the countryside thanks to her father’s work. Before she had to move, she was in VI semester of Business Administration at a very prestigious university. Due to her father’s job transfer she had to suspend her college education. Lina lost her mother at birth, her father has taken care of her ever since. Maybe that is why Lina shows signs of being a spoiled, rebel and sometimes over the limit insolent little girl. In her opinion, the woman who takes care of her looks before her brains is worthy of rejection. For Lina, women must take a much more active role in society: they must occupy executive, important positions. They must be at the same level as men. Physically she has more of a European cut. She is the type of woman that stands out easily among other women.
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    Cristian Dangond
    Son of one of the most important cattle breeders of the region. He lost his mother when he was only six years of age. She died from a serious illness. From that moment on, Cristian and his father Anibal were left alone in this world. Anibal, overtaken by the pain turned himself into his work while Cristian found at the foreman’s house the family he longed and needed so much. He learned to love Mrs. Sonia like a mother and Felipe, the woman’s son like his own brother. Even though Cristian enjoyed the life at the farm, his passion for politics made him go to law school. He is a great lawyer and has a great future as a politician nevertheless there is something in him maybe related to the loneliness his father sentenced him to live in when he was little that pushes him towards walking the fine lines of illegality. Cristian is a smart, serious, great public speaker, ambitious man. He doesn’t like to party a lot. Physically he is totally opposite from his best friend; he always wears cologne, is well groomed and very well dressed.
  • as 
    Leo Amador
    This woman is pure heart. She has forever been in love with Felipe. From the first moment she laid eyes on Felipe she was captivated by him. Felipe, is the perfect man in her eyes. There is nothing she would change of him except his love for Lina which would make her absolutely happy. Regardless of the huge love she feels for Felipe, she is very respectful about their relationship. She would never dare to tempt him or give him a bad advice that would make him look bad. She is the type of person that thinks that what goes around comes around and that is why… she rather wait and let time decide the faith even though she knows that day will never come. She know deep down in her heart that the love he feels for Lina is the kind of love that surpasses any barrier. Leo is a worrier, she never met her father and the last memory she has of her mother was the day she abandoned her with a suitcase at her grandmother’s house. From that moment on and even though she wanted to study, she was forced to work and she has done it all her life: she has sold things on buses, worked at cafeterias, bakeries and today, at the beginning of this story she works as a waitress at a billiard bar. Leo has the typical Latin beauty that… if it wasn’t for her humble upcoming, she would well be able to classify as a Hollywood actress.