82 episodes



“The Queen of Flow” tells the story of Yeimy Montoya, a talented young woman who pays a wrongful sentence in a New York prison. Her only desire is to get out to take revenge against all those who destroyed her life. On the top of the list is Charly Flow, an acclaimed and famous singer of reggaeton who plagiarized the lyrics of her songs, played with her and sent her to jail. Yeimy must fake her death and change her identity. She will return as Tamy Andrade, a wealthy reggaeton producer, who puts an end to Charly Flow’s career.



  • as 
    Yeimy Montoya
    Yeimy´s dream is to become the best reggaetón composer. She thinks she found love in Charly, but he takes advantage of her, steals her songs, and sends her with drugs to the United States. Seventeen years later, she will come back to recover all she lost.
  • as 
    Charly Flow
    He owes his fame to Yeimy, but he betrayed her to steal her songs. While she is serving an unfair in the United States, he becomes a reggaeton star. What he doesn´t know is that Yeimy will come back soon to recover what belongs to her.
  • as 
    Since he was young, he has always been in love with Yeimy, but didn´t dare to confess it to her. He lived in agony, seeing her falling in love with his best friend. When Yeimy comes back, he will have to face Charly to win Yeimy, the love of his life.