95 episodes



A widow who is obsessed with jealousy wants to find the woman who was with her husband the night he passed away. To achieve her aim, she will hire a man and turn him into a seducer. What she can not even imagine is that she will end up being seduced. Vicente Soler worked hard to dignify the domestic service and make a profession of it. His mother, as well as all the women that surrounded Vicente throughout his life, made him feel that the job of a housewife, what he calls “the natural role of a woman”, is the most beautiful job one can think of. His wife, Beatriz, had to keep their marriage under wraps but she could not cope with her jealousy any longer and was determined to tell the whole truth. The man dies of a heart attack in a hotel. The case is closed, but not for Beatriz. The widow, bitterly jealous, follows up the clues that lead her to five women. One of them is the murderer, and Beatriz will find out which of them it is. All the suspects have one thing in common: they work at the same company founded by Vicente. In order to find out which of the five took Vicente’s last breath away, she will hire Dante. He will be the means for her revenge. She will train him in the art of seduction to identify and then take her revenge on the woman that ruined her life. Dante’s mission is crystal clear: he has to win the heart of the suspects, control their lives and uncover the mystery. Beatriz will turn him into a “hired seducer”. While he does his job, and thanks to these five women, Dante will unexpectedly learn to know himself better...



  • as 
    Mariana Carvajal
    Mariana lives at the Montero’s house where she takes care of a quiet and organized young man. Her calm existence will be disrupted by the ‘temporary’ arrival of his brother, a recently separated man of 40 and his restless 6 year old daughter, Anastasia, who Mariana must take care of.
  • as 
    Casandra Garcia
    A clever and ambitious woman, Casandra has two goals: to win the confidence of the family she works for, the Ardila’s, and take their former Nanny Elizabeth’s place. Casandra will arouse Beatriz’s envy when Dante begins to show interest in her.