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Pocholo was just an ordinary man. He was a responsible father and husband, a perfect employee and a good neighbor until the day his family’s ingratitude showed him that decency is useless in a society ruled by money and deceit. Tired of being a loser, Pocholo makes the riskiest decision of his life; he decides to fulfill his lifelong dream and study medicine. Obstinately refusing to accept another defeat, he opts to take his first step towards success and finish high school. The first day of classes, proud of his victory, Pocholo shows up wearing the school uniform and finds out that his problems are just beginning. Even though it is one of the most prestigious schools in the city he encounters cruelty, injustice and violence. Overcoming every pitfall with unshakable determination, Pocholo becomes a symbol of fortitude, setting an example that helps weaker students stop allowing others to victimize them. By the time he graduates Pocholo is a hero, winning the admiration of even his enemies. He has to fight against the indifference of people who are close to him, in particular his ambitious wife, Mariluz, and his half-brother, Nicolas. However, along the way Pocholo also encounters love and support from his youngest daughter, Sara; his best friend, Diego; his psychiatrist, Catalina; and some of his classmates. Pocholo’s biggest surprise is to reencounter his first love, Francisca, a very beautiful woman who has been confined to a wheelchair due to an automobile accident. She will be his best friend, a source of inspiration, and in the end, his true love. Other lives revolve around Pocolo, among them those of his older children, Andres and Monica, who are as ambitious and unscrupulous as their mother. In addition, there is his sister-in-law, Natalia, the beautiful and anorexic wife of his half-brother, Nicolas, as well as, three homeless children: “Gata”, “Tweter” and “Chiquito”, who Pocholo rescues from misery and abandonment. ‘Pocholo’, a story of personal growth, perseverance and tenderness… he overcomes every adversity and proves there is always hope!



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    Pocholo is enterprising, optimistic and noble. He is generous to the people close to him while remaining true to his conscience. “This is the story of a pure and open person who fights to get ahead and defeats evil with his goodness.” Pocholo is determined to take a gamble on searching for his own happiness. He is willing to do everything possible to fulfill his dream of becoming the world’s best doctor despite his age. However, as soon as he decides to go ahead with his plan and enter the university, there is a serious setback. He finds out that he has to repeat his last year in high school in order to graduate. Without giving it a second thought, and despite those who disagree with him, he enrolls at the same school where his younger daughter and other relatives’ children study. Pacholo’s life was not as empty before. He is married to Mariluz, a seductive and ambitious woman, and they have three children, Andres, Monica and Sara. He also rescued three street urchins, “Gata”, “Tweter” and “Chiquito”, from a life of misery and abandonment. This is a very large family considering the fact that Pocholo was left out of his father’s will because he did not go to college and his brother Nicolas is now the owner of his huge fortune. Nicolas is very stingy and never gives him a cent. Pocholo, a good and considerate man with a very special charm, will experience joys and sorrows. At this stage in his life he meets his first love, Pachita, again. She has survived the trauma of being paralyzed from the waist down and will become his best friend and be a voice of support. His life has been defined by his lack of education and inability to compete in a world for which he is not prepared. Nevertheless, he decides to overcome his failures and conquer all obstacles, and in doing so Pacholo becomes a role model for young and old alike.
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    Nicolas Larrea
    He is Pocholo’s brother and, unlike his brother, Nicolas is a good looking man, with refined tastes and a sense of humor. He has always been a winner and was born with a lucky star that he maintains until the present. He studied medicine and turned his father’s modest clinic into a center for cosmetic surgery. He is married to Natalia and they have two children, Susana y Alfonso.
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    Mariluz Bustos
    She is Pocholo’s wife and has her own way of seeing the world; she is hopelessly shortsighted. Mariluz has a voracious sexual appetite and takes advantage of her husband’s absences to see several lovers. Mariluz is very astute but ignorant, uncouth, crude and vulgar. In the end she will have to pay for all her cruelty.