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Pedro Coral was forced to leave his town escaping from a sure death. Aside from what he was wearing, all he had on him was the Pacheco family’s address in his pocket. Left without options, that’s where he arrived. On his way to their house, a beautiful girl drew his attention. The night Pedro arrives in the city, Juan Pacheco, the father, decides to commit suicide, but not before asking Pedro to take care of his wife and daughters. Pedro realizes during the funeral that the woman he was so attracted to is Mr. Juan’s illegitimate daughter, who had been sent away to study abroad. Paula begins to work at Freydell Imports and the company’s owner, Cesar Luis, shows interest in her from the first moment he sees her. Without taking his marriage into account, he is determined to charm her through lies and deception. Pedro finds a job in the same company, working as Paula’s driver and ends up as her friend and confidant. Pedro must suffer Cesar Luis and Paula’s romance in silence and becomes her shoulder to cry on. But he never gives up and he later becomes her great love. He is the only one that understands and helps her, because everyone else judges her. With many enemies and few allies, Pedro and Paula must overcome many obstacles so their love story reaches a happy ending.



  • as 
    Pedro Coral
    He’s a 32-year-old man approximately, tall, with wavy hair, the typical town dude. He has a particular characteristic which are his boots, and he’s always bragging about something, in other words, the essence of a true, unadulterated town dude. He’s always broke, and has to lie occasionally so that he can “subsist in life”, as he himself states, although some of these lies will turn and bite him in the rear later on. He’s good hearted and sensitive, which makes women take interest in him...as well as some men. He’s always trying to help everybody, although most of the time ends up getting into trouble, but is a happy fellow and enjoys life in spite of everything. He dreams a lot, to the point of believing that his female boss is in love with him. This becomes a reality eventually, but only after lots of suffering on his part.
  • as 
    Paula Davila
    She is a young executive about 28 years old, very attractive, with a tall body and spectacular legs, which drive men crazy about her. She has good feelings, is very cheerful, and her best friend is her mother, although sometimes she takes her to task for the type of a life that she led at her father’s side in the past. In spite of this though, she confronts anyone she needs to in order to defend her. She is very sincere, and is considerably bothered by those who lie, but on the other hand she is naive and believes that she can control any situation, even though it doesn’t turn out that way in reality, because she always ends up falling in love with the wrong person. Her driver is the only person who understands her, and eventually becomes her confidant and the love of her life.
  • as 
    Cesar Luis Fraydell
    He is 43 years old or so, very attractive and interesting to women, something that Pedro does not have. This person has no ethics, is low on sensitivity, a typical manipulator, but he is, nevertheless, the owner of FREYDELL IMPORTS, a highly regarded enterprise throughout the country, which leads him to go over everybody in order to get what he wants. He’s very convincing with people and especially with the ladies, whom he’s capable of driving crazy, his marital status notwithstanding. He confides all his secrets to the head of personnel of his company, something that could turn out to be debilitating, because he does not know who Pastor Gaitán really is. This will cause him great problems in the future.
  • as 
    Nidia de Pacheco
    She is approximately 45 years old, and is very voluptuous in every sense of the word. She is quite a flirt with men she feels attracted to, like in the case of Pedro whom she harasses relentlessly. She is also quite a calculator, and is careful of every step she takes in life, and that’s why she handles Perafan, the family lawyer, at her whim and fancy, because he’s in love with her. This allows her to lead him to defraud many people. She is Juan Pacheco's widow, Paula’s father. And because Paula was born out of wedlock, Nidia makes her life impossible. She has two daughters of her own: one of them, Yadira, who is her unconditional ally, and the other one, by the name of Mayerly, always reproaching her for the actions she sees her mother undertake, but is by far the more sensible person of the three. Nidia will step over anyone if it is necessary, in order to get what she wants.