82 episodes



This is a story of a crossing of lives. Parallel stories that take place in the Bronx neighborhood, a dangerous sector of town with a mixture of failure, disappointment and despair of thousands of drug addicts, drug dealers, merchants of dreams, and interspersed with love, faith an strong fraternity links. 



  • as 
    Andres Cardenas
    A self-made man on the streets of the Bronx; born from a prostitute mother and a drug addict father. He proves that good can overcome evil, because he has never used drugs and his only sin was having been born there. He is an empiric musician and singer and has the voice that Manolo, the feared leader of “The L”, lacks. And this is what makes him his double behind the scene. He’s decided, kind, humble and has every quality to become a leader, which he discovered when he met Juliana. That’s the beginning of his struggle to rescue the love of his life from the hell of the Bronx.
  • as 
    Juliana Luna Gomez
    A young rebellious woman with a strong character that encourages her to fight for her life. She won’t give up not even if she knows she is defeated. Curious, overconfident and naive who has had to face a great challenge that fate has put before her. She comes from a humble but well-behaved family. Is a loving family member and loyal to her friends. Andres’ love will be the best discovery she will make in the Bronx and that will represent her only hope. She is impulsive and not always thinks before acting, lets herself get carried away by emotions, something that has caused her some problems. However, that’s what makes her different and at the same time keeps her safe in the Bronx.
  • as 
    Gerardo Noriega
    Former Minister of Transport. He owns a construction company in partnership with Alfredo Vanegas. Gerardo is loving, responsible and devoted to his family, but with a dark past. His addiction to cocaine, that he managed to stop using in his youth, reappears like a ghost after the bankruptcy of his company caused by Luciano Sanin’s misdoings. Gerardo arrives at the Bronx desperate selling his few possessions to buy drugs. Fortunately, there he will meet Carlos, his former driver and only friend that will help him to fight the drug addiction monster in an effort to recover his most valuable asset: his family.