150 episodes



Mexican folk songs and waltz play an important part in Wendy’s life. She is a young woman, who, despite her humble origins, struggles to carve a niche for herself as a singer in the world of music and dreams of having the love of a wealthy man. On the road to stardom, she runs into some people who only want to take advantage of her or harm her reputation, but she will also meet some other people who really value her efforts. Wendy enters a singing competition organized by a well-known record label. During this process, she falls in love with Gabriel, the owner of the record label who is engaged to Silvia, a woman of his same social status. Gabriel, however, is so attracted by the romantic and naive singer that is about to cancel his wedding. Unfortunately, this ends up being a thwarted love: Wendy gets pregnant, and her Prince Charming leaves her after being manipulated by Silvia, whom he finally marries. Marked by this painful experience, Wendy takes up her own fight to support her daughter and achieve success as a singer. The man that robbed her of her innocence tries to win her love back and is moved every time he listens to her songs. Suffering for love is something very difficult to overcome but Wendy, through her songs about unhappy love stories will manage to drown her sorrows and will go on fighting. A popular singer, who strives to show everybody that her talent can surmount any obstacle.