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“Night School, Dreams Never Sleep” is a series full of drama and emotion inspired by the stories of the millions of students in the world who resort to night education as their only way of getting ahead. They will be represented by Amelia, Muriel, Luis Herney, Faber, Ingrid, Alejandro, and Mrs. Pilar, who are studying a technical career at Graham University, hoping to fulfil the dream to obtain an academic title that will open doors to the labor force to improve their quality of life. These eight characters will encounter a number of obstacles, both personal and professional, that will test their ability to succeed in the midst of family commitments, work, and economic obligations, which they will have to overcome if they want to become future business managers.



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    Mario Quinonez
    He is forty, with over fifteen years committed to teaching. He’s physically attractive though his real sex appeal is his intelligence rather that the way he dresses. He usually doesn’t care about clothes and can wear the same sweater for one week, especially since his girlfriend he dated for eight years went to Spain to get a master’s degree. This separation is partially due to a crisis when she realized that Mario wasn’t that interested in having a serious relationship with her. His virtue but at the same time big defect is to be a committed teacher who firmly believes that this world’s problems only can be solved with education. In addition to his post as career program director, Mario teaches economics, and he sees teaching in a different way to that of his peers. To him, someone who studies at night must be treated differently, because he/she is making a sacrifice to change his/her life. That’s reflected in the methods and dynamics he invents to prevent his pupils from losing enthusiasm and desires to attain a title and have a second chance. Mario and Esther represent the opposite poles in the institution. Since the first moment they clash about the way they see night school, but that fight enriches them as professionals. And since opposite poles attract one another they also start to feel an attraction that will surpass college halls entering their homes to give rise to a personal crisis that will change their lives which they thought were already settled and peaceful.
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    Esther Chavalier
    She is a striking, extremely intelligent ironic and demanding forty two year old woman who acts with the solemn manners and English punctuality of a funeral house’s manager. Passionate for theory, she was a renowned professor in one of the most prestigious universities in the country. But she was dismissed from the post for having accused a son of a politician for plagiarizing, and he who made sure she would never be accepted as a professor in any other university. She has to settle for a position at the Graham that she considers a low level educational institution and because she can’t leave the academy that is her life, though she’s not short of money. She’s been married for twenty years to the prestigious lawyer Octavio Salgar, and they live in one of the best neighborhoods in town. She’s also experiencing a strange and silent crisis. As a well-raised woman, she’s used to solve problems without dramatizing them. Her nineteen year-old Mariana just left college because she fell in love with a French man with whom she wants to open a hostel in the Caribbean coast in the middle of the jungle. From that moment, Esther and her husband feel different. They’ve been left alone, and silence moments have become eternal, daily calls short and week-end plans nonexistent. It’s evident that the marriage is in crisis. At Graham, Mario, the program director drives her crazy with his “innovative” methods, but at the same time lets her see that teaching has no rules as she thought. And the worst of it all is that with time she starts looking at the professor with eyes different from what she would want.
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    An attractive twenty-eight year old woman married to Jose Hernando Osorio and who has a son she adores, Angel. She has an exhausting job and a very low salary. Though she has the man she adores with her, she’s head of household since her husband lost his job a year and half ago. She supports her family with the minimum wage she’s paid working in a supermarket. Amelia understands she won’t do anything without having a title and decides to register at Graham, a technical night college that is not that prestigious but she can afford it. She starts studying though Jose doesn’t agree with it. Evening is not for women and less for mothers, but Amelia is not willing to give up her dreams and with that valiant character typical of her she challenges her husband and starts her night college classes. There she faces the reality that working class people who want to become professional in this country live every day: to work and study at the same time…journeys that start at six am and end at to ten pm.
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    She’s thirty nine, private secretary and lover for eight years of Engineer Martinez, the owner of a building company. Muriel is madly in love with him and has been waiting all this time for the engineer to separate from his wife. He owes him her good life status, something she could have never attained with her private secretary salary. She uses too much makeup and sometimes wears too tight and elegant clothes for an office. Muriel takes care of her figure, loves to look sexy and ready for her lover, even though he often stands her up. When the engineer’s wife discovers their romance and kicks him out of the house, Muriel gets really excited, thinking she at last will occupy the first place she deserves, but she’s wrong. The engineer asks his wife for a second chance, and Muriel’s world fell apart. She starts to study because the engineer, as a part of the severance pay, gives her the college registration money so there won’t be any retaliation for having removed her from work. Besides, the labor market becomes an uphill for someone who is thirty nine and with no college title. Overnight, Muriel’s life makes a radical turn that faces her to a world she had completely forgotten long time ago: look for a job, pay her bills, keep her lifestyle, but the hardest and distressing thing is to admit she wasted her youth waiting for a guy that failed her.
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    He comes from an agricultural village, and at eighteen has graduated from high school with the best grades throughout the department. In town, German feels completely at home, and has even opened a clandestine potato liquor business. He’s happy living like that, with no ambition other than taking his family’s potato farm ahead, working from dawn to dusk and standing shoulder to shoulder with Alirio, his father. But his father and her mother Mrs. Julia Morales think different. They see in their son the future for the family business, and that’s why they decide to inscribe him in a night college in Bogota, and send him there even if he doesn’t agree. They consider that sacrifice as a long-term investment, because there is nothing better to compete in the market than a farm managed by a professional. But they don’t take into account that the young man isn’t smart enough to handle study-related aspects. In the city he starts to know the streets and the not so good friends the night offers. But German’s character and the clear objective of not losing the money his parents invested help him to avoid many times the bad influences and obstacles he faces every day. The problem is that he’s not ready to handle the love of Vicky, a teenager and his new friend and partner Luis Herney’s girlfriend and who on top of it is pregnant. That’s just the beginning of a long and thorny problem that will endanger even his parent’s farm.
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    Luis Herney
    Luis Herney’s life is characterized by been full of good intentions and unfinished promises. His father’s advises and his mother’s pleas for him not to hang around the streets and behave did not help at all. Only when at twenty five he was in prison he understood that he should make a change in his life, or at least try it. He loved hanging around the streets since he was a kid, and during his adolescence he only went home to sleep. He graduated from high school because he bought the exams results from a professor who had gambling problems. He never thought about studying, and his life was just to live the day to day, selling stolen cars parts or smuggled goods. Luis Herney met Vicky, a school girl eight years younger who attempted to enter a discotheque with a false ID card. Vicky’s beauty and Luis Herney’s gift of the gab made them start a romance behind her mother’s back. However, Luis Herney’s love promises stopped when he was imprisoned together with a burglars’ band. The shock was very hard for Vicky, especially because her mother, already aware of the type of thug her daughter was dating, forbade her to visit him in prison. During the only visit she managed to make him behind her mother’s back she got pregnant. As soon as he found out he’d be a father, Luis Herney radically changed and became a little angel to get a sentence reduction. Only two years after been in prison, he managed to leave making new promises: to radically change his life and get Vicky back to start a family. With that in mind he looks for Vicky to show her he’s a new man. The problem is that everything changed but his essence…and staying away from the wrong path temptation won’t be that easy.
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    She is a very intelligent and self-assured twenty-two year old woman who works as kitchen assistant in a restaurant called La Lechonería where her boyfiend Faber Salazar is the head chef. They both live in the restaurant second floor where they pay the rent with their work. In general, her relationship with Faber is nice and stable but that’s mostly due to her naïve, quiet, conciliatory and even submissive personality; because in order to keep her boyfriend at ease, she prefers to calm things down in any situation where a fight could occur, even if that means to ignore her own opinion. She loves him so much that would like to formalize their relationship, but Faber is not yet willing to take that step. Ingrid would like to enjoy their relationship more, visit places different than family homes, but Faber, who always has the last word, doesn’t allow it because he doesn’t want their savings be touched since they are destined strictly for making their dream come true: to open their own lechona (Colombian style stuffed pork) business. Faber decides not to wait any longer and start their business. But Ingrid who is calmed, analytical and good with numbers makes him admit that to learn how to manage it they must get trained, to study. This new academic world will make Ingrid question her life and what she really wants and feels for Faber because the people she’ll meet and the situations she’ll find will make her face herself.
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    He is in his thirties and has a rather strong character. Faber doesn’t have a college degree much less a technical one, but he hasn’t needed any because his cooking skills have awarded him the best tolimense lechona (Colombian style stuffed pork) prize which is what really matters to him. This is why Don Pacho, the owner of the restaurant where Faber works hired him and his girlfriend Ingrid as cook and assistant respectively. However, Faber has never been satisfied with the work conditions offered by Don Pacho, something that caused constant problems and clashes between them. That makes the young man and his girlfriend open their own business for what they have been saving. Ingrid makes him see that first, they don’t have enough money and second, they must start to learn how to manage a business before starting it, and to attain that they should study, be qualified for it. But as with any relationship, they have problems, and the first one is Faber’s character that Ingrid must always deal with: explosive, controlling, possessive, stubborn, imposing and sometimes even manipulative. Money is the second issue. While Ingrid expects to indulge and travel with her boyfriend, Faber only thinks about working and saving to open their own restaurant. Anyway he is a good, entrepreneurial, combative man who loves his girlfriend but who with his character is exhausting her without noticing. But this will change as soon as they start studying because this new academic world and what it brings will make him reconsider that he should urgently change if he doesn’t want to lose the woman he says he loves so much.
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    Mrs. Pilar is a seventy-five year old woman who still looks as elegant as always. She’s calmed, good-hearted and sometimes naïve, got married at a young age with Jose Ramon Linares, a wealthy businessman who was the love of her life and whom she accompanied until he died. Two children were born of this pretty union: Jose Maria, the eldest, who lives in Canada, and Rafael who lives in Australia with his wife Melanie and their son that is still a baby, and Mrs. Pilar’s pampered grandson. Her family has always meant everything to her and that’s why is so hard not to see them as frequently as she’d like. Widowhood is difficult to manage and much less in a big and empty house. Insomnia haunts her every night to remind that death separates her from her husband, and kilometers of land from her sons and grandchildren. Time has become a problem for Mrs. Pilar, especially at nights. To stop thinking about her loves ones absence, she decided to study business administration at Graham. Not having a college degree has been an obstacle for this woman to manage the household economy very well. However she wants to know about the many businesses her husband left her. Mrs. Pilar will have to make her best effort to stay in college because getting used to that environment at her age is not easy and much less when she is confronted with unknown subjects such as technology that will make it very difficult to catch up with a significantly different age group.