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Brayan and Andres will see their lives give a U-turn when a nurse who is on the verge of death confesses to Antonia, a lady from high society, that when she attended her on the delivery of her son, she made a slight mistake: she changed her baby. Thirty years later, Antonia will teach them a lesson. She will make them exchange their lives with the only aim of showing them that they have missed the chance of enjoying what life has granted them. Brayan will go from being poor to being wealthy, which would be the dearest dream of any man, especially of a lazy man like him. He will have to strive to manage a company and not to disappoint his biological mother. However, rather than enjoying his new environment, he will find it more and more demanding. The pressure and stress of meeting the expectations of everybody around will make him become an unsociable, bad-tempered, depressed person. To cap it all, his friends will no longer recognize him and will not want to be around him. He will feel he can not trust anybody and start behaving like paranoid. On the other hand, despite leading an affluent lifestyle and despite the power he gained, Andres has become a cold man, who has not been capable of enjoying the peace of mind money can bring. Now a poor man, Andres will have to learn that it is not enough to be intelligent, but it is also necessary to get on well with people. Brayan has been dating Rosmery, a good-natured girl who will turn out to be the peak of the iceberg for these two men. Andres is engaged to the beautiful Fernanda, the most highly valued and coveted model in the country, but she only wants to remain with him because of his fortune. In the end, Andres will fall in love with Rosmery and Brayan will marry Fernanda, only to find out later that she is a villain. What is easier? To go from being poor to being rich or the other way around?



  • as 
    Andres Ferreira
    He is Don Augusto’s only son. He is selfish, arrogant, class conscious and extremely spoilt. He is used to indulging his every whim and to enjoying the best in life, though he doesn’t feel grateful to anyone for that. He is absolutely certain that he has the type of life that he deserves. He works as the Managing Director of Mundoexpress. His life spins around himself. He is dating the well-known model Fernanda Sanmiguel, because she is exactly the type of woman that he needs to share his social status, rather than because he actually loves her. He has never been in love actually and he will feel this for the last person that he would expect: her former secretary, Rosmery. He will discover that his world is only a house of cards, built over a lie, but when the world turns, it sometimes does it so fast that what used to be over you, may fall down in the twinkling of an eye.
  • as 
    Brayan Galindo
    He considers that the type of life he leads is not the one he deserves. He longs to live the life of Riley but he can’t afford it. While he eats lentils, he dreams of enjoying the delicacies of the rich and drinking champagne, not tonic water. He is as witty when telling jokes as when he manages to get dismissed from the humble jobs his friends help him find. He loves singing folk songs and thinks he is as good a singer as Carlos Vives. He has had innumerable jobs. He starts working at Mundoexpress, carrying heavy boxes at the warehouse. At that place, he will come across his platonic love every single day... the top model Fernanda Sanmiguel. She was born to fit Brayan, the point is that she has not noticed that yet. Brayan despises everything that has been granted to him with great effort and his only dream is to win the lottery to be able to address Andres Ferreira as his equal and teach a lesson to that son of a gun because Brayan is completely sure that if he happened to have his fortune, he wouldn’t be such a wicked guy as that wealthy man is.
  • as 
    Rosmery Pelaez
    Brayan’s girlfriend is beautiful, hard-working, lively, sweet, special, smart and she is deadly in love with her boyfriend, who actually fails to value her but whom she will always try to understand and justify. From humble origin, she is extremely hard-working and yearns to improve herself and become someone in her life. She has to bear the consequences of working as a secretary for Andres Ferreira, an unbearable man who makes her work overtime without an extra pay. Rosmery is one of the persons that will suffer the most after Antonia’s decision... when Brayan becomes rich and breaks up with her, since she has never loved any man other than Brayan. Feeling broken-hearted, she will refuse to fall in love, but she will eventually fall head over heels for the last person she would expect, the man she loathed: Andres. So, she will become one of the peaks of the central love triangle in this story, having to choose between her love of the past and her love of the future.
  • Extremely beautiful, she is one the top models more highly valued in the country but she is well aware that her productive life span is too short and she is sick and tired of working hard. Once in her thirties, she wants to live as a Happy Kept Woman and she has found the person that will become her supplier forever: Andres Ferreira. Fernanda is the stunning woman in the TV commercials as well as in the haute couture magazines, unattainable for any mortal being but not for Andres, to whom she is engaged and will get married. She is as tall as she is unbearable. She goes around the world certain that she has a crown on her head, looking down on everybody around, though deeply conscious that they stare at her and they covet her. Her love for Andres will last while he keeps his social status and his fortune but the man she is really mad about is Martin/Mateo, whom she gets laid with on the sly, though she does not take it seriously because he is not Ferreira’s direct heir. Fernanda is used to going for the gold cup, no matter how many victims will fall on her way if she is to achieve it.
  • as 
    Antonia de Ferreira
    She is elegant, kind and rather serious. Well-known in the business world. After her husband, Bernardo, passed away twenty years ago, she had to take up the management of their newly opened business firm, Mundoexpress, and she managed to lead it to the top. A couple of years ago, she gave up her place in the company to her son Andres. She has enjoyed her leisure time traveling to every exotic place on earth. She’s a great admirer of Deepak Chopra, and the courses done with him have helped her improve her assertiveness as to those drastic decisions she has to make. Her decision to give up the management of the company to her son does not make her feel content since her relationship with him has become cold and distant. If she means to see him, she has to make an appointment, which will make her fly off the handle. She’s well aware that her son has lost all humane feelings as well as his contact with the people around; he is completely absorbed in his job and he has lost all social conscience. Her confidant is Hugo, the only person whom she will trust her discontent. She has never considered falling in love again, and, when Leonidas starts courting her, she will face the dilemma of allowing herself a new opportunity or not.