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Oscar is an extroverted taxi driver, he is a good man who worries about others, but has one weakness: he loves to party. The story starts when Oscar offers to take Jessica to work, she accepts without reservations and only out of interest. On the way, Jessica talks about her dream of living in a luxurious apartment and he boastfully tells her that when he wins the lottery, he’ll buy her an apartment and will ask her to marry him. Jessica laughs at him, but in order to show he is serious, he stops to buy a lottery ticket. Oscar is determined to win her over because he thinks Jessica is a good and decent woman to start a family with. However, he doesn’t know that she is Rodolfo’s lover, her boss at the real-estate agency where she works. Furthermore, Rodolfo is Tatiana Gomez’s boyfriend, a beautiful, intelligent and rich woman. Tatiana and Rodolfo’s relationship goes through a difficult moment, because instead of asking her to marry him, he asks her to be business partners and Tatiana feels disappointed. While Oscar tries to make up for the money he lost in the lottery ticket, he reserves a fare and picks Tatiana up, who is headed towards the cemetery. In the taxi, Tatiana fights with Rodolfo and ends their relationship. Oscar leaves Tatiana in the cemetery and when she arrives at grave, she is surprised that no one is there, but she is even more surprised when Oscar offers to stay with her and pray together. She is so sad, she asks Oscar to drive around the city for a few hours, to run away from her problems. Oscar takes her for a drink and from that moment on, a strong attraction forms between them, despite their social differences. Oscar finally takes her home, rather drunk. When they arrive, they meet Rodolfo and the owners of the Fountainbleau, the building she lives in and whose board she is the president of. That same night, Oscar wins the lottery and celebrates with a great party. The neighbors let this one go because they see him as a gold mine. Suddenly, Jessica pays attention to him and reminds him of the promise he made her. A few days later, Oscar is in the real-estate agency where Tatiana works, closing the deal on the apartment his mother Ms. Ruca had started, to secure he invested his money wisely. This is how Tatiana and Oscar end up living in front of each other in the same building, the Fountainbleau. Oscar’s arrival will transform the building and will make him and Tatiana get closer. However, there will be conflicts between them, due to Oscar’s rowdy behavior and the constant problems generated with the rest of the neighbors. Only Almita’s arrival, Oscar’s younger sister, will show that in spite of everything, they are made for each other.



  • as 
    Oscar Leal
    35 years old. Taxi driver. He is happy, extroverted, kind and his motto is to make every passenger feel like they are “in their own car.” From an early age he had to work hard to get ahead in life with his mother, since his dad abandoned them. His neighbors are his friends as well, even though he is a nuisance for them because he is a party animal. He loves music and enjoys birthdays, Christmas and neighborhood parties the most because he can show off his bongo playing abilities. In terms of love, Jessica was his objective until he met Tatiana. He will give his heart to her and everything else with be secondary in his life.
  • as 
    Tatiana Arboleda
    30 years old. Serious, pretty, intelligent and perfectionist. She works as the president of her building’s committee and in Rodolfo’s real-estate business. One of her secrets is that she is an incurable romantic, without appearing to be. Her parents died tragically in an accident and she has some emotional issues because of this. So, she waits for her knight in shining armor, a perfect man and she’ll find him, but in a taxi. Even though Rodolfo is courteous, elegant and educated, he doesn’t fulfill Tatiana’s emotional needs. When Tatiana meets Oscar, she sees in him the opposite of what she looks for in a man. However, when she discovers how he really is, things will change. Nicol, her only friend, is one of the real-estate company’s secretaries.
  • as 
    Rodolfo Castañeda
    38 years old. He comes from a very wealthy, upper-class family. From a young age, he learned to compete by trampling over others to get what he wants, since that’s how it was in his family. He embodies the saying “Raise crows and they’ll peck your eyes out”, because he has trampled over his brother and his own father to keep his fortune. Making money became a vice for him and that is why he always tries to make more. Tatiana is just his front man so he doesn’t appear in any of his shady businesses. He is despicable to everyone, but pretends to be someone else and cheats on Tatiana with Jessica.
  • as 
    Jessica Rodríguez
    25 years old. Has the face of an angel and a heart of stone. She appears to be the sweetest, cutest and purest of women. Or at least that’s what she makes Oscar think; she takes interest in him when he wins the lottery. Jessica gets what she wants from Oscar by manipulating him. Her usual phrase is “if you want”, but the truth is that neither Oscar nor anyone can’t say no to her, because anyone would feel bad denying something to such a saint. She is a gold- digger, social climber and manipulative and will always look out for her personal interest in all her acts.
  • as 
    Henry Patarrollo
    38 years old. He is Oscar unconditional friend. He is a good man, supportive and friendly. He loves to party, like Oscar, but his wife Patico always prevents it. He is the mediator between Oscar and the neighbors when problems arise. Henry misses single life, since his marriage entered a monotony crisis and Patico’s temper does not help. This situation will unleash Henry to get tired of Patico, leave his house and go to live everything she always denied him. Later, he meets Nicol, Tatiana’s secretary and he’ll be very attracted to her. He is also a key piece to uncover Rodolfo’s frauds, because he works in the courts.
  • as 
    30 years old. She’s the typical hysterical neighbor. She hates Oscar because she thinks he is a bad influence on Henry. Patico is a bitter woman and she is also suffocated by her monotonous marriage, but can’t find a way to overcome the crisis she and Henry face. Henry was her only boyfriend and she never studied or worked because she was dedicated to her two children Katherin and Deiby. When Henry leaves her, Patico will realize she also has to change and will start by working with her father as a radio taxi operator. She will have a romance with Alberto, a neighbor, but her true love will always be Henry.
  • as 
    Nicol Diaz
    25 years old. She works in Rodolfo’s real estate office and is Tatiana’s personal assistant. Due to Tatiana’s loneliness, Nicol becomes more a friend, a confidant even as Tatiana doesn’t want it. She is forced, because Tatiana is very reserved and Nicol meddles in her business and is aware of everything that happens to her. She is the first to realize that Oscar and Tatiana are perfect for each other, and she will try at all costs to get them together. Nicol is an incurable romantic. She is sweet, loving and a virgin. She and Henry will have a romance.
  • as 
    Doña Ruca
    60 years old. She is Oscar’s mother. Stubborn, grumpy and problematic. She complains about everything and with everyone. She can’t stand living with Oscar anymore, so as soon as she learns that her son won the lottery, she throws him out of the house and makes him buy an apartment in the Fountainbleu. She is strong tempered, but loves her son and that is why she tries correcting him all the time. She realizes Jessica wants Oscar for selfish reasons and will take advantage of her. She will get along with Tatiana and is afraid she will harm Oscar, but she’ll give in with time. In the past, Mrs. Ruca and Gervasio had a relationship and they will rekindle it when they see each other again. She hides a great secret between Gervasio and Oscar.
  • as 
    Don Gervasio
    60 years old. He owns the taxi company where Oscar worked at before winning the lottery. It is very important for him to have things clear and is convinced that business and friendship don’t mix. However, he has a good heart and really cares for Oscar, who he sees as a misdirected son. He especially feels for Oscar because he is Ruca’s son, with whom he had a romance long ago. He lends money to the neighbors because he has extra cash. Furthermore, when Oscar has serious problems Mr. Gervasio will help him out with his money, without knowing that blood calls him.
  • as 
    Pocho Krauss
    45 years old. He is a descendant of a humble, German mechanic and he feels superior to people for being German. He inherited from his father (deceased), who was a senator and politician, all his tricks and contacts. Pocho is a corrupt politician, uses his influences to get large state contracts. Right now he is not doing well economically due to some fraud investigations he is going through. However, he still pretends to be wealthy. He feels like a teenager and tries to seduce young girls like Tata, who knows Pocho can help her to position herself where she wants. Oscar will try to get him kicked out of the building for discovering all his shady secrets. His wife Sara wants a baby but he doesn’t.
  • as 
    Sara de Krauss
    Undefined age, but is probably around 40, which she completely denies. Sara is determined to have a baby so she constantly pressures Pocho. Being a defender of morals and good manners, she also hates Oscar, even though deep inside she loves his type and failingly tries to take him to bed. However, in this case, Sara will be smarter than Oscar and will have him in her hands, trying everything and bribing him to be her lover and especially the father of the child she wants to have and Pocho can’t give her.
  • as 
    Tata Camacho
    Top model. Exhibitionist. She is very beautiful. She is a hypocrite and manipulator. She is Pocho’s lover and Sara’s (his wife) friend. With Oscar’s arrival, shrewd Tata sees the opportunity to get the neighbors to like her and assembles a common front against him and becomes one of his most fervent opponents, everything so they bother him and leave her alone. Of course, with Oscar’s excesses, she reaches her objective, appears to be harmless and is accepted by everyone. However, Tata is shrewd enough to know that it’s still in her interest to keep Oscar in the building, because if not she will again become the target for attacks.