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Victoria Maldonado will have to find a way to reshape her life. After an unfortunate experience in the United States, she decides to go back to her country where she left her family, long-time boyfriend and a wedding gown company. But during her absence, her children had ruined her company. While she tries to win Caliche back, she’ll have to keep the family under control, forcing everyone to live under the same roof to teach them an invaluable lesson.

A Caracol Television – Sony Pictures Television co-production.



  • as 
    Victoria Maldonado
    Victoria has always been a beautiful woman with a strong personality. This is why her family sees her as the evil character of the story: dominant, possessive, selfish, arbitrary, authoritarian…and even more when she unexpectedly returns to put her family in order. But she has a big heart, so big that it will be enough to win back Caliche, the love of her life, without knowing that during her absence he became her best friend, Beatriz, boyfriend.
  • as 
    Bernardo Burgos
    He’s Victoria’s eldest son and Margarita’s husband; they have a son named Memo. He’s educated, serious, successful, and conceited, always worried about what people will say. He must take over the family business after his father’s premature death becoming even more arrogant. But in front of Victoria, his dearest mother, he remains submissive a trait his wife can’t stand.
  • as 
    She’s Bernardo’s wife, and the family is her number one priority. She’s cold and controls everybody… very similar to her mother-in-law. That’s why when she comes to live with her; they clash over the role of family matriarch. But the devil knows best with age on her side than just being the devil and Margarita will lose a number of battles that will make her change even to the point of liking her mother-in-law.
  • as 
    Victoria’s son-in-law and Marcela’s husband. He’s convinced he’s more of a genius than Einstein and Newton together. He thinks he has all the answers. He’s a hypocrite, troublemaker and manipulator but a loving husband. One of his brilliant ideas caused the Burgos family company to go bankrupt. As a result, he’ll have to use his best tricks to win his mother-in-law’s love, something that will trigger a war between mother and daughter.
  • as 
    Marcela Burgos
    She’s Victoria’s only daughter and not precisely the favorite. She’s a dreamer, an artist and wedding dress designer at “Victoria’s House”. She’s faithful, loyal and number one fan of her husband René, whom she totally supports in everything but also keeps him on her radar. And if she hadn’t experienced any marriage crisis until now, it was because her mother was away…far away.
  • as 
    Juan K Burgos
    Victoria’s youngest son is handsome, a womanizer, extroverted and smart. He will suffer a radical change that will transform him into the “mature member of the family” when he becomes Carolina’s boyfriend again and comes to his senses, something that makes Victoria fly off the handle because besides being her pampered boy, Victoria knows that Carolina isn’t precisely a little angel.
  • as 
    Victoria’s daughter-in-law. She’s the dream of any mother-in-law: beautiful, elegant, glamorous, intelligent and a fan of living a healthy life. But her great qualities and her good-girl face hide her real intentions: to destroy the Burgos family… but with Victoria as a mother-in-law, she will scarcely attain it.
  • as 
    Victoria’s long-time friend, she’s beautiful, flirty, romantic, nice, understanding, generous, naive, a bit weak-minded and sometimes, conformist. They both are cheerful, outgoing, and to top it all, they are in love with the same man. But sometimes love prevails over any friendship, therefore when Victoria returns, Beatriz will fight tooth and nail for her relationship.
  • as 
    Despite all that has happened to him, Caliche has indeed enjoyed life: he used to be friendly, sociable, generous and quite the flirt, even though he lost Victoria, the woman of his life, many years ago. That’s why when she goes back home, his eyes will shine with love, despite the fact that Beatriz is in the middle.
  • as 
    Emigdio de Jesus Contreras Pataquiva, better known as Chucho, is the wealthy owner of “La Vaca-ana”. Caliche’s best friend and one of Victoria’s admirers. He is a humble, get-up-and-go man with a big heart. After losing his wife he decides not to get involved with women, believing they were only after his money. But when he met Victoria, everything changed.
  • as 
    She’s Caliche’s mother, therefore Beatriz’s mother-in-law and the mother of all mothers in law Indiscreet by nature, she speaks without thinking and without weighing the consequences. She sees Victoria as a threat to her son’s tranquility, not because she hates her but because she made him suffer some years back. Thus she will do everything in her power to have him marry Beatriz.
  • as 
    Victoria’s grandson and the only child of Bernardo and Margarita, is the typical nerd who dresses conservatively. Due to Margarita’s over protection, he has always had problems being independent and communicating with others, particularly with girls. Memo will undergo a radical change when he meets Chucho’s daughter, Azucena, who seems to be his total opposite.


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