119 episodes



This is the story of Mary, a, beautiful and intelligent young woman. Her naiveté and drive to improve, will lead her to difficult situations she overcomes because of her cleverness. Mary does not trust men and is afraid of falling in love. Mateo is the father of two girls at the school where Mary teaches. He is a good husband and exceptional father and he never imagined his life would take such a dramatic turn. One morning, his wife Silvia decided to leave their home. Mateo became father and mother to children that yearned for love and attention when they felt abandoned by a mother, who wanted to live like a divorcee and free. Because he needed time to take care of his daughters, Mateo neglected the construction company he and his brother Camilo owned. Submerged in his depression, Mateo didn’t realize the company’s financial situation until it was practically bankrupt. He didn’t know his own brother was stealing his money as well as his wife, Silvia. Mateo loses everything and is left completely destroyed; without a wife, a business or a place to live. His world has crossed paths with Mary’s, who has been very supportive during these difficult times. Mary finds them a room in the pension where she lives. Mateo will fall deeply in love with Mary and will fight to make that love work.