62 episodes



In its first season, “The Mafia Dolls“ presented the dark drug traffic world from a female view. The audience witnessed luxury and excesses among women who share their lives with the most dangerous mafia capos. They lived princesses lives but dearly paid the consequences. Eight years later, we meet again this story´s characters fighting to leave their past away and surviving in a society that condemns them for having belonged to the mafia.



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    She is a beautifil, ambitious and vengeful doll. She became famous writting books about the mafia world, but she ran out of stories. Lucrecia will come back to become the capo of a feared cartel.
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    The only thing left from her romance with a dangerous drug lord is her dauhgter. Now Brenda is about to get married, but everything changes when the drug lord returns. Her life will be at risk when the capo´s enemies come after her.
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    She has what many consider a dangerous job: being the attorney of one of the country´s most dangerous criminals. By accepting to represent Raul Jimenez her life and her family´s will be at a stake.
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    Olivia has regained her freedom after eight years in prison. Unable to find an opportunity to get her life back, she goes back to the criminal world.
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    Janeth is a well known actress. A new project will turn her life around: the film about the dangerous capo Raul Jimenez. Once they get to know each other, she will be involved in a relationship she will regret.