110 episodes



What happens when twin souls finally meet? Love arises… And troubles, too… Since happiness is never complete, things between “the prince and the plebeian woman” get complicated and after five years together, it seems the time has come to say goodbye. This story begins by the end: the day when Esteban and Gloria meet in courthouse to put an end to their marriage and separate for good. Apparently, the mysterious incident they were both involved in the previous New Year’s Eve was the last straw and they decided to bring their love story to a close. Just one thing could save it from dying, and that is to remember how it was born. While telling the judge the reasons for their divorce, Gloria and Esteban will retrace their steps to evoke the story of their relationship: the day they met, when she was trying to sell him a vacuum cleaner; their first date; their first kiss; the first time they made love, lost in a virgin forest; their first fight and the moment they made it up; and how they had to fight all those people that tried to split them up, like Sol Amaya, the wicked woman who wished to keep Esteban, and Boris Garrido, the dangerous, crazy man who was obsessed with Gloria and had sworn to marry her, whether she liked it or not. When the legal process finishes, Gloria and Esteban will have to choose whether they want to be together or not. They will have to put the strength of their love to the test and find a way to forgive each other and try to save their great love. Will the memories of their deep love be able to save what seems to be lost? Loving Gloria, a story of a great love; how it was born and how it died, and… hopefully… how to resuscitate it! A romantic comedy narrated by its own protagonists.