109 episodes



Amada Farias is a beautiful young woman, with a carefree personality, who has been engaged to be married five times, but continues to be single because due to a strange coincidence all the grooms die before reaching the altar. Finding herself the joke of the town, and without any hope of finding another suitor willing to court her, Amada decides to move and live with her aunt in "Caracolas del Molino", a rather amusing and peculiar town, where, for example, all the civil authorities are women. In front of Amada’s house lives the Alcazar family, the most prestigious family in the region. Daniel, their first born, is the handsomest man in town, and an excellent catch for any woman. However, despite all those virtues and his success, he has been on the verge of marriage (getting married) five times, and (in) each time (every occasion) for one reason or another, his fiancés have disappeared. This has made him keep his distance from women, and he avoids the topic of marriage with everybody. Fate deals Daniel and Amada a bad hand because they cannot avoid the great attraction they feel for each other every time they are together. They fall insanely in love, and will have to struggle in order to find a solution to their problems. That is when they turn to Endora, the town’s local witch, to find out what they have to do to prevent Daniel from dying and to keep Amanda from leaving him. Endora tells them that their respective husband and wife will be number seven. From that moment on they begin to plan ahead in order to outwit the curse that plagues them. They do not want to unleash their love for each other because it would be the sixth one for both of them and they could never become husband and wife.