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What can a woman do to win the heart of a man who is engaged and doesn’t pay attention to her? Martín Monsalve is the perfect man: handsome, elegant, faithful, wealthy and a real gentleman. His fiancée, a renowned executive called Paula Bustamante, knows all these virtues and she won’t allow any woman to spoil her plans to marry him, and much less snatch him away from her. The executive woman’s plans are threatened by Liliana Herrera, a beautiful and modest young woman who isn’t going to admit being ill-treated. Although she has very noble feelings, when she sees Paula, her main enemy, she forgets kindness and has no objection in trying to win her beloved boyfriend. she takes revenge for having fired her from the Bank of Indies, and keep the handsome young man for herself. Julián, Martín’s older brother will show his dark side, with no fraternal feelings or collaboration for his brother; on the contrary, he’ll become his main adversary to keep the family’s fortune and his fiancée Paula as well. The Monsalve and Bustamante families, the owners of two important economic emporiums represented in their banks, have a common interest: marry Paula and Martín so that they can merge their banks. A business that is endangered by a young woman obsessed with her ex boss boyfriend. However, Liliana’s target is farther than what she thinks, because Martín believes that Paula is the perfect woman. But when Liliana decides to forget Martin and concentrate on her new job, something unexpected happens: Martín becomes interested in her and now, Paula interferes between Martín and Liliana. The fight of the two women to win Martín’s heart begins. Only Martín can chose which one of these two women will keep his heart?



  • as 
    Liliana Herrera
    Liliana is a responsible hard worker woman. Her temper is marked by imprudence, the need to be straightforward and gives a talking to whoever deserves it. She’s working as an assistant for the vice-president of the Bank of Indies, where she has to bear ill-treatment by Paula Bustamante, her boss. She loves soccer, to the point that she ends up falling in love with Alejandro “The Mole” Bernal. He is a young prodigy in Colombian football. However, they are separated by fate, when he was acquired by an Argentinean team.
  • as 
    Julian Monsalve
    He’s Alfonso’s older son. He has dedicated most of his life nourishing an immense resentment, jealousness and envy towards his brother Martín. Two obsessions guide his life: the first one is to replace his father in the bank, and the second one going to bed with Paula Bustamante, his brother’s fiancée, the woman who has always driven him crazy. The only person he loves is his son Lucas. He is the reason for tolerating an unhappy marriage with Margarita. Though for the high society, they make the perfect couple.