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During the 50’s, being a woman was a difficult burden to carry. It was a time when women were repressed, men got all the opportunities and marriage was an imposition. It was a time when to love was to fear. Alicia Aragón, a leader in the feminist movement, dreams of changing this injustice and longs to go to the university, but she will be forced to marry Pascual Ordoñez, a ruthless leader of the conservative party in their town and chief of the secret police. Things couldn’t be worse for Alicia; she will have to abandon her boyfriend with whom she had lost her virginity, and because she was “impure” on her wedding night, she will have to face her husband’s unending abuse. All this suffering will lead her to embark on an adventure where she will meet her true love: Simon Oviedo, a renowned boxer who accidentally kills his best friend in the ring and quits boxing out of remorse. For an entire year Alicia has to face the consequences for not being a virgin when she married, by suffering constant humiliation and being physically and mentally abused by her husband. . But one night, taking advantage that Pascual Ordoñez is out of town, Alicia stages her suicide and travels to Bogotá dressed as a man. Once in the city, Alicia adopts a new identity: Alberto Aragón. She enrolls in the Universidad Externado de Colombia as a law student and begins to achieve as a man everything that she wanted as a woman. The night that she is settling in to her room at the boarding house, she rescues a drunk fellow who had rolled down the stairs. To her surprise it is Simón, who was so drunk that he fell and split his head open. From that moment on the two “men” develop a friendship that would grow stronger every day. One day, Simón comes back to the boarding house earlier than expected and runs in to Alicia in Alberto’s room, forcing the latter to come up with the story that she is Magdalena, Alberto’s cousin. . Simón, captivated by Magdalena’s beauty, presses Alberto to set him up on a date which will unravel a forbidden love and Alicia will end up in a paradoxical situation as she becomes the sentimental advisor of the very man with whom she will slowly fall in love. However, when Alicia, “Alberto”, “Magdalena” and Simon finally think they have the situation under control, Pascual Ordoñez finds out that his wife never died. Now, with the certainty that his wife is alive, his blood boils like never before. How long will Alicia have to endure the price of following her dreams if she must love the man of her life in secret and hide for the rest of her life from her cruel husband?

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  • as 
    Alicia Arango/Alberto Aragon
    She lost her father when she was fifteen. She is beautiful young lady, sensitive and gifted with a thirst for knowledge ahead of her time. For this reason she cannot keep from living what she feels she must, even if this means defying the rigid social impositions of the era. She dreams of working as a teacher and going to law school so she can become a criminal attorney. She is a bit of a romantic and often doesn’t foresee the true magnitude of the consequenses her audacity may bring, and this means trouble. She ended up in a relationship with an older man almost without realizing it, and pushed by her mother, is forced to marry him. Her marriage was nothing like she expected. Disappointed and unable to accept that this was all that life had in store for her, she hatched a complicated plan to escape by staging her suicide. . She went to the capital as Alberto Martinez, enrolled in the university as a law student in order to become a lawyer, a true defender of rights and justice. When she arrives to her boarding house, she accidentally stumbles upon Simón Oviedo, her true love, from whom she will have to hide her true identity and feelings.
  • as 
    Simon Oviedo
    He arrived in Bogota when he was fifteen, after his whole family was murdered by the region’s political leader. Once in the big city he dedicated himself to any job he could find in order to survive. When he was eighteen he enrolled in the army and began boxing. Once his military service was over, an old Cuban trainer took him under his wing and turned him into a brilliant boxer, one of the first Colombian fighters to stand a real chance of winning a world title. Simón is impulsive, stubborn and with a big heart and a profound sense of justice. He defends his dignity at all costs and will bow his head to no one. Due to his tragic past he carries a deep-seated resentment towards life, which he struggles with every day.
  • as 
    Pascual Ordoñez
    He is the town’s Conservative political party leader. He is a dark character, ambitious and cruel, unscrupulous, cunning and clever. Violent by nature, he lashes out at his enemies with extreme cruelty. He has astutely been able to use the partisan violence as a strategy to become a rich landlord. To do so he has organized the chulavita police in the region and is their undisputed chief. He poses as a religious man in his public life, but privately is a libertine with an opportunistic moral code. He has the natural gift of leadership and a special talent for power. He likes to have everything under control. Whoever is not with him is against him. Money is one of his religions and he justifies any means to get it, which is why he is involved in the gambling, emerald smuggling and animal theft, among other things. For Pascual, women are divided into two groups: the wives, who must stay at home tending to the family, and the prostitutes, who must be in the brothel tending to men’s physical needs. Despite Alicia’s not being in either category, Pascual becomes obsessed with her and this obsession will be his downfall.
  • as 
    Dolores Benitez
    She is Alicia’s mother and was widowed seven years ago. She was used to a comfortable life, but when her husband died, she began to discover what need really was. She was forced to sell the majority of her belongings, and when she had nothing left she found out that her daughter’s beauty was the way to recover the glory of times past. She moved the necessary connections strings to make Alicia marry an older and very wealthy man who could restore the respect they had lost. Her moral sense has gone completely astray and she does not trouble herself with ethical dilemmas; when she needs to lie, cheat or manipulate in order to get what she wants, she does not hesitate to do so.
  • as 
    She was Alicia’s ballet teacher while she was in school. She is a well-read woman and very intelligent. To her, art is more than a recreational activity; it is an ethical and political posture. The years did not quell her rebellious spirit and this condemned her to a life of spinsterhood. When the feminist movement starts to forge, the struggle for acknowledgment and citizen’s rights for women, Juana feels that it is time to go from theory to action and becomes an ardent activist. In the future she will become a supportive friend for Alicia and it will be she who introduces the girl to the feminist struggle.
  • as 
    Priest Arguello
    He is the parishioner in Güicán, the town where Alicia and Pascual live. He is a fanatical priest, ambitious and manipulative. He is aware of the power the Church has in these times and uses the fear of God to preach politics from the pulpit. He aligns himself with great ease and opportunism alongside the region’s political leaders, but they must pay for it. He is a chameleon, perching underneath the brightest sun.
  • as 
    Roman Ortiz
    He is Pascual Ordoñez’s contact in Bogota. It is he who runs the business. He is a cross between administrator, right-hand man and thug. He comes from an affluent family that ran into hard economic times. He has the poise, the manners and the style of his social class, but he is a cruel and violent man. He likes to make a living without much effort. He is a man of action, and an effective one. He knows nothing of scruples and knows that his survival depends on how well he does his job.


Juana Uribe
Andrés Bierman & Germán Porras
Dago García
Mauricio Ruiz Bejarano
Elkin Restrepo
Guarnizo & Lizarralde
Ricardo Torres & Germán Plata
Clemencia Páramo, María Isabel Páramo & Luis Carlos Sierra
Fabián Rodríguez
Orlando Molina & Henry Hemelberg