69 episodes



Irene, the lead singer of the market place band Los Milagrosos, meets Joaquin the mechanic, when he arrives in the city carrying nothing but the clothes he is wearing. As they fight for their dreams, they cross their paths. They will soon realize they can’t live without each other, although their struggle to be together will be intense and painful. 

Based on the original idea by Germán Escallon and Carlos Duplat.



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    A strong and determined woman, whose dream is to become a famous popular music singer. Irene had never fallen in love, until she meets Joaquin, a man she will love intensely, despite fate playing against them.
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    Joaquin is a country man who is forced to travel to the capital city after his sister’s disappearance. He does not have a single penny in his pocket, but his objectives are clear: finding his sister, recovering his land, and his dignity. He ends up working in a car mechanics workshop and meets Irene, with whom he falls deeply in love.