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Emiliano Larios was a singer, educated by his family to be a priest. He lived with his two sisters, Ofelia and Aurora, and their mother Berta. Aurora was the only one at home that thought that Emiliano was not cut out to be a priest. One day, Emiliano met Blanca Moscote, a woman who had only just arrived from Europe and is the daughter of Colonel Moscote, who is hiding from a secret. When she arrives after the death of her father and finds their Hacienda enveloped in chaos, she decides to take matters into her own hands. When Emiliano and Blanca met, they fall madly in love and Emiliano says he will renounce his plans to become a priest, but everything turns to smoke when Blanca’s secret is revealed, that she married in Italy and her husband has come to claim her. At that moment, Emiliano decides to go to Spain to become a priest, but once he gets there, he finds an accordion and does not like what happens at the seminary. He decides to return to his country with his accordion and become a great musician. Back home, he reunites with Blanca and they decide to run away together. Someone finds out about their plans and tips off Guiseppe Palerme, Blanca’s husband, and her older brother Macario Moscote. They find Emiliano kill him. A year after Emiliano’s death, a steam hovers over the country. It is the first shipment of accordions that start arriving in cratefuls from the Hohner plant in Germany.



  • as 
    Angel Maria Onate
    Angel Maria is a strong, robust man that inspires respect and admiration. His fortune was built with the sweat from his brow, working hard in various businesses in the port until he found his true calling when the radio came to the country. When he learned of the wonderful invention, he invested half of his fortune to create the first radio station in the Caribbean coast and he has put everything into it. Angel Maria is a joyous man, witty and generous, but he can become a madman when it comes to defending the honor of what is dearest to him, his daughter Ada Luz. In Barranquilla few men dare court Ada Luz because they fear her father so.
  • as 
    Ada Luz Onate
    There is no woman lovelier that Ada in the whole land. Ever since she was born she has dazzled the world with her unmatchable beauty, and now that she has turned seventeen, wherever she goes she leaves men speechless with her angelic face and a smile that can light up even the darkest of nights. Fame of her beauty has spread beyond the city and in nearby town a legend has sprung about the beauty of a lady in the San Roque neighborhood. Ada Luz, the girl with her father’s eyes, is a sweet young lady, responsible and hard working. Her beauty has not made her conceited or vain and that only increases men’s fascination with her. Ada Luz loves music just like her father and deep down dreams of someday working at a radio station, although for the time being she is preparing for the pageant to keep her mother happy.
  • as 
    Abel Moscote
    Abel Moscote inherited his grandfather Emiliano’s prodigious talent for playing the accordion and his father Francisco’s booming voice. Sadly he also inherited from them the strange ability to get himself into trouble over women. Ever since he could remember, the accordion and women have been a source of great joy, but also immense sorrow. At twenty-six there has not been a woman, married, single, widowed, rich or poor, that has been able to resist his charms, but there also hasn’t been one who could tame him. No one in the valley sings or enamors like he does. Proud of his lineage he backs down from no musician in the land and that is why more than one is dying of envy and can’t wait for something extraordinary to happen and end the reign of the best singer and accordion player ever.
  • as 
    Aurora Larios
    Aurora was always a strange little girl. She spoke her first words when she was five years old, when everyone thought that she would be mute for life. Pale as marble and beautiful as an angel, she spent most of her days contemplating the flowers and birds in the back yard. She didn’t much care for the presence of other people. She knew how to read other’s hearts well and she did not see good things most of the time. Only with Emiliano, her dear brother, did she feel completely at ease. As soon as she woke up she would ask him to sing verses with his guitar so she could spend the rest of the day carefree about what could happen out in the world. When she turned nine she began having dreams of things before they happened and the rumor quickly spread through town that Aurora had special powers, and it was even said that she had been seen sleepwalking, running errands for the dead.