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Crime has taken over the streets of the city and an immediate answer is needed from the authorities. The National Police, in an another effort to control the huge growth in crimes such as homicides, assaults, robberies, Group (G.I.C. in Spanish), an elite group of quick and efficient reaction that has the resources and concentration of activities needed to solve these kinds of cases. Coronel Espinoza has commanded the GIC since it’s creation with impressive results but his own murder comes to show the vulnerability of those who, risking their own lives, try to protect the citizens. In absurd circumstances, Espinoza is murdered in a supermarket robbery. In his replacement coronel Monica Umaña is appointed, and aside from having to solve Espinoza’s crime, she has the huge challenge of commanding the reduced but efficient human team of the GIC and get the same or better results that her predecessor, with the added challenge that some of her subalterns do not consider her apt for the job. The challenge for Monica becomes greater when, at the suggestion of the general director of the police, she has to include major Ramon Garcia in her team, a man she had an affair with tow years earlier. The matter would not be an issue if it were not for Monica being married, with two children and knowing that the presence of Ramon at work can cause problems with her husband, and what’s worse, deep down she knows that even though she refuses to acknowledge it, she still has feelings for the major. What Monica does not know is that Ramon has similar feelings for her. Things being the way they are, colonel Monica Umaña will not only have to face and sort our her personal problems but she will also have to prove to her superiors and to her own team that she is to right woman for the job by solving, one by one, the cases that come to the GIC and whose direct members and collaborators combine different specialties and form an interdisciplinary team with of the highest quality and performance whose personal stories intertwine, aiding or complicating the solution of the cases that come to the offices of the GIC.



  • as 
    Colonel Monica Umana
    Monica’s experience and preparation have made the woman, in regards to her professional field, an exceptional commander, an unmatched strategist, quick to make decisions, to solve problems on the go, astute and crafty when it comes time to form teams and take advantage to who forms them in benefit of the job at hand. Besides, given her temper, Monica is a boss that prefers to lead by example in the field rather than give orders from the comfort of her office.
  • as 
    Captain Antonio Salgado
    Trained by the police in the use and application of all sorts of electronic devices useful in intelligence tasks, Salgado also specializes in the analysis, use, design, and interception of computer systems. Salgado’s skills in the informatics terrain are indispensable when it comes to cross-reference data, obtain information from data bases from private or state entities. Throughout the story, Salgado discovers that something is not well with him. His hand begins to tremble when he has to draw his gun, when he is assembling an electronic device and even when he is brushing his teeth. In the beginning, he does not think this is important. Salgado goes to a doctor outside of the police who tells him that he has Parkinson’s disease.
  • as 
    Mayor Ramon Garcia
    Specialist in and profiling and criminal psychology. His skills allow investigators to guide the cases and get an idea, based on the evidence, of the type of criminal that might be behind the crime. Ramon is silent about the deep love he feels for Monica and the time he spends next to the woman becomes a sort of torture that the man is going to want to end when he sees that Monica has serious problems in her marriage.
  • as 
    Subintendent Santiago Murillo
    24 years old, this attractive young man proved he has enough talent to be a part of the GIC –although only as an apprentice- given his extraordinary histrionic abilities, his capacity to infiltrate any universe in any category and blend in perfectly, and is undeniable capacity for using makeup to impersonate any of his colleagues as needed in each case. Murillo is smitten with lieutenant Angarita as soon as he sees her, when he goes to work for the GIC. He begins courting her cautiously but Paulina shows no interest at first. Murillo insists with patience and astuteness until Paulina finally starts to give in. However, our youngster discovers that he has a rival to be reckoned with: Martin Amador Villa, expert in Forensic Medicine, who also seems to awaken Paulina’s interest. Both men begin a silent race to win score points with their crush.
  • as 
    Leftenant Paulina Angarita
    Her past so closely linked to the underworld helped her career because our woman, now a lieutenant, has a great knowledge of the universe of gangs and drugs and an excellent intuition when it comes to understanding and predicting the motives of the criminal mind. However, her painful and sordid experiences of the past constantly come back to her mind and her dreams to give her bad nights filled with nightmares and the occasional remorse because her conscience will never be at peace. Given that same past, Paulina has serious issues trusting men and more so to be able to commit emotionally despite that two of her co-workers, subintendant Santiago Murillo and forensic doctor Martin Villa are authentically and decidedly interested in her.


Cristina Palacio Pombo
Juan Andrés Granados & Paola Cázares
Carlos Alejandro Ortega
Camilo Mantilla