108 episodes

Husband and Wife Demo


Lucía Méndez and Juan Pablo Duque, make up an everyday couple of our time. Lucía shares with her husband the ideal of a stable home, even though her job as a model in a cosmetics factory does not leave her time to attend her house, nor to satisfy the most elemental necessities of her partner. In turn Juan Pablo, of a more conservative upbringing, married with the hope of having children and a hot meal when he came home from work, but after a year of being married he feels alone, abandoned, and submerged in a relationship that does not even offer him a balm of a satisfactory sexual life. Nevertheless, both love each other profoundly and wish to change and to find a way towards communication and understanding, until the ghost of jealousy blossoms upon them... Victims of a humdrum existence filled with insatisfactions and silences, they try to salvage their relationship above all, but the life expectations of each one end up imposing. The reproaches that until now they had kept quiet become uproaring and cutting and what had been a great life transforms into resentment and distrust. The intense love that they still have for each other is not enough and both become the target of intrigues and manipulations of Juan Pablo's mother who at that time already had plans to encourage a marriage between her son and a woman from his same class, heir to a substantial fortune. Lucía and Juan see each other thrown towards divorce and thanks to that separation and the birth of a son both mature and they will look desperately for a new opportunity to find the lost treasure of the modern age, the harmony and happiness in couple.