63 episodes



"The Good Bandit" introduces the new narco-comedy genre that, for the first time, presents a drug lord who repents of the choices he has made, willing to change his life away from the crimes and sins of his past. This story will show the funny situations that a bandit, who wants to learn how to be good, must confront. His path to redemption will be complicated as he will have to make a huge effort to get away from the temptations that the world brings outside of the law.




  • as 
    Jesus Ortega
    A young bandit who, after living a "mystical" experience, will have to leave the criminal world, be faithful to his wife, raise his children away from easy money and take his old criminal gang out of crime.
  • as 
    Mile is Ortega's wife. At first, she is a woman who accepts everything and lives happily without questioning anything. However, her life turns around and, when her husband decides to become a righteous man, she will see the world differently: now, she will be the defender of change, but the toughest judge for Ortega.
  • as 
    Natalia is a bold woman who comes from a rich family and always goes after what she wants. She will be the defense attorney for Ortega. What she doesn’t expect is to end up falling love with Ortega.