60 episodes


In a year where sports are at the center stage , we present the story of three athletes who, with great difficulties, manage to get ready and become Olympic Games medal winners, making a whole country's dreams come true.



  • as 
    Oscar Muñoz
    Oscar finds out about taekwondo by chance, during an exhibition he watches at his school's courtyard and, from the get-go, he finds in his family that massive level of support that great champions need to have behind them. He works and trains twice as much as a typical athlete because his winner's vocation and his competitive spirit know no limits.
  • as 
    Ingrit Valencia
    She is an intelligent, combative and persistent boxer. From this sport, she learns to trust her fists, and she treasures her gloves because she knows they could be the way to her financial salvation, as well as that of her mother and her siblings, and further on, for her son.
  • as 
    Yury Alvear
    Yuri is proud of what she has accomplished. Her sports career has given her satisfaction as well as goodbyes. Today, at age 33, she holds two Olympic medals, three world championships and two marriages with their respective divorces.