105 episodes



Tells the story of Patricia Teherán, a woman who with her talent and love conquered a world of men. With her joy, charm, kindness, craftiness, and optimism, she faced a chauvinistic world filled with jealousy and envy, bringing everyone to her knees. Patricia had several love affairs that led her to endure much disappointment which she expressed while singing from her heart on every stage she performed on.



  • as 
    Patricia Teheran
    A striking and charismatic woman willing to give it all to make a future if her life passion, music, and get her family out of poverty.
  • as 
    Ricardo Canello
    A born businessman that uses that talent to attain his objectives. He is well-known in high social circles, but he feels an irresistible attraction for the environment of his humble origins.
  • as 
    Hector Mendez
    An excellent salesman, who with his convincing talk will make you buy anything. He is also respected in the musical industry for his reliability and self-assurance.


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