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The Girl is a production based in real life events. It tells the story of a young girl recruited by force by the guerrilla, where she lived in first-hand the horror of war. After many years she flees from the armed group and guided to set on a new path, returning to ordinary life which will not be easy due to the struggles of reintegration into society, the challenge of understating this new side of herself and confronting her own family. 



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    Sara is 15 years old and she was not always called like that, her birth name was Belky as she was baptized but for 7 years she was forced to use than name, which is nothing more than an alias imposed by the guerrilla group that took her by force. She has always been ready to run away from them and life will give her a new opportunity in which she will be able to feel love, justice and solidarity and to exploit the potential and the wonderful human being she carries within her true self .
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    Mireya had her first two children, Belky and Leonardo with her first husband whom she abandoned because he used to insulted and beat her. He suffered greatly for several years, until he met Miguel, a man who loved her from the very first moment, and with him she had two daughters. One day when she was not in her home the guerrilla broke into her house and took her daughter Belky. From that day on her life was overloaded with a huge complex of guilt that was camouflaged in her victim condition. After 8 years Belky appears again. When she returns, she wants everything to return quickly to the way it was and that Belky can settle down and organize herself, get a job and contribute to the house, where they have many expenses and needs. But this is frustrated because her daughter wants to be a doctor, and has begun to prepare herself to study medicine, this is a total madness for her mother, who mocks her and tries to land her down, telling her that that is impossible, that she could not forget her past.
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    His attributes are not so much in the physical, as in their way of being and of thinking. He was always smarter than the others, but also more sensitive and emotional. He had to grow up and live fast. Very early on as a child, his father negotiates for him to line up in a paramilitary group in order to make money, and in the process to make him a real man and "to learn the things of a man and not of an old women, because he was the whole day in the kitchen with his mum ". He decided to please his father, so he doesn’t punish him. So when the father proposes him to go away of militant, when he was only 10 years old, he at first thought of them policemen and accepted calmly, as long as his dad is proud. What he does not know is the depth of the future life that was waiting for him. It is not an achievement; it is more like a tragedy. Once in the war, Manuel manages not to be main character in the first row of the atrocities he represents, in which he never agreed. He realized this situation early, and the mistake he made in accepting to be there, so he skillfully became necessary in the bureau and in the kitchen of the paramilitary camps, and also win over his bosses and colleagues by making them laugh and have fun Manuel participates in the advance (not in the combat) that ended in the action of the army in which Belky was captured by the Colonel Barragan and that without knowing it (he will discover later) was an army´s abettor in the act that marked her fondly. After years of militancy, and disillusioned Manuel surrenders to the authorities and enters the reintegration program of the state, where he meets Belky, "alias Sara", he becomes his protector and friend, who will help her to overcome the first few days of coupling to the new life in the program, and later will be her great love.
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    Tatiana is about 35 years old, she has two careers, and is incredible ability to work, she also has a huge heart and a very practical sense of life. She's an only child. She started studying Social Work, but it seemed to her that she could give more and then she started psychology. She studied and graduated from both careers at the same time and now she works in the Program for the Reintegration of young ex militants. In the first place, her job is to guide them and prepare them to return to reality, but she always ends up extending to all the kind of help that they need. She has no children because she has many children (those in the program) and her main goal is to wrest those boys from the war. She does whatever it takes to hold them on to life, to society and never to return to military illegal groups. Belkis, a girl who militated in the guerilla, arrived to the program, and they got to have a relationship that goes deeper than her labor. Tatiana feels great affection and empathy with her, and from the first day she tries to help her overcome her past. When she learns what Belky lived in the guerrilla with Colonel Barragán, she takes the case as it was hers and puts herself in the task of helping her and achieving justice.
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    Colonel Barragan
    Barragán is a man of about 45 years, he is tall, burly and for some women he is very attractive General Mantilla, his boss, is a really important man, an admirable soldier, who sees in Barragán a guy who has not given enough and feels a great distrust. Barragan, desperate, does whatever it takes to show results, to bring casualties, to excel for his boss to admire. He has committed many injustices and abused his authority as a military man, so that General Mantilla and Colonel Alzate, his friend and partner since the beginning of his career, were involved in an investigation learning that the case of the guerrillas is being sifted, needs that "alias Sara", the girl who left alive for the guerrilla commander to receive the message "that one day would go by him," does not appear again. For him, it is the witness who can jeopardize his freedom, can definitely sink him, if he does not find her, she will be able to tell the world, that years ago she had the cold blood to rape and torture her.