40 episodes



Production dubbed to english. Accused of a crime he didn´t commit, Julian Duarte is sentenced to 20 years in prison after Camila, the wife of his best friend, Ricardo Pradilla, was murdered. Even though his wife, Mariana, abandons him, what hurts him the most is not being able to see his son, Samuel, for whom he would sacrifice his life. His case falls into judicial limbo because all of the evidence points against him and the only witness of the crime disappears. Julian is detained in La Bendita, a prison for both men and women, separated only by a fence. In jail, he meets Esperanza, a woman sentenced to 20 years in prison for murdering her husband to protect her daughter from the abuses the child´s father put her through. Joined by pain and tragedy, a passionate love is born between them, capable of restoring the wounds they have. Facing the impossibility of a fair trial and the imminent risk of dying inside the prison, Julian and Esperanza decide to escape, determined to prove their innocence. However, their escape doesn´t turn out how they expected: Julian is able to break out but Esperanza is recaptured. Julian searches for her daughter, Micaela, just as he promised Esperanza, to give her a journal in which her mother tells her the truth about how she ended up in prison. This way, the two of them decide to travel around the country in search of the evidence that will prove their innocence. A production of CMO Producciones for Caracol Television.



  • as 
    Julián Duarte
    He is a smart and resourceful man when it comes to overcoming any adversity. He found love when he was very young and married Mariana his college girlfriend; they quickly had a son, Samuel, who is his true love. His life changes completely when he is unfairly accused of a crime he didn´t commit and is taken to prison. It doesn´t take too long before Mariana abandons him and takes custody of Samuel, as she considers Julian guilty of the crime. However, the hope of a new future comes back to his heart through Esperanza´s love, a woman he meets in jail. She relieves the load that the justice system has put on him and helps him recover the strength to escape and travel around the country in search for the evidence that will prove his innocence.
  • as 
    Esperanza Gómez
    She is beautiful, tall and sexy. She married her husband believing in his love but killed him in order to protect her daughter. She loves her daughter deeply and the worst punishment she has received is not the sentence the justice system has given her, but the fact that she doesn´t have her daughter´s love and respect. Because of her past, she doesn´t trust men and the only one who has been capable of pulling her out of that rut is Julian; she trusts him completely and has fallen in love with him.
  • as 
    Micaela Ceballos
    She is 16 years old; she is pretty and rebellious, with the gift of gab. She has the ability to lie, manipulate and to be bold. She never finished high school; she has learned everything on the streets. She can´t forgive her mother for killing her father. She is haughty and rude, but it´s all a product of her rebellion against the world, she lost her father when she was very young and she never had the physical presence of a mother. This is why she has no God or law; she has never had a parent figure to teach her respect or to demand discipline. She is a negative leader and would abandon anybody as long as she could save herself.
  • as 
    Steve Houston
    He is a special agent of the DEA, well-known for his effectiveness and his efficiency, but he is truly corrupt and uses very unorthodox methods, abusing of his power. He has infiltrated into the worst mafia organizations and has shown results; however, his ambition is a lot stronger than his profession and has realized that he can financially benefit from each operation. He is a lonely guy who doesn´t love anybody. He is cold, calculating, a chameleon who idolizes himself.
  • as 
    Ricardo Pradilla
    He is a civil Engineer, charismatic, friendly; a businessman and conman in one. He has always tricked and gotten people who surround him in trouble in order to get some kind of personal benefit. In front of his family and peers, he seems to be a righteous man. He has good connections, with all kinds of political contacts that allow him to steal from the State. He is always planning new strategies for his next con move. He travels around the country, town after town, offering projects that will never become a reality, and buying pieces of land for cheap in areas where he knows new roads will be constructed.