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Is a tour around the entrancing world of football and the hectic lives of four emblematic players from the Colombian National Football Team: Carlos Valderrama, Freddy Rincón, René Higuita and Faustino Asprilla. A production with a fiction touch that recreates true facts, sacrifices, disappointments, happy moments and experiences lived both in and outside the soccer field, which are unknown by fans.



  • as 
    Rene Higuita
    Nicknamed “El Loco” because of his risky habit of abandoning his goalpost, he never imagined that his personal life would be just as crazy. In his teens he meets Magnolia Echeverry, who he considers the woman of his life. She corresponds to that love, but they will have to face many obstacles in their relationship. From His female fans, to the demanding concentrations of the national team, and of course, the notorious scandal when he visits The Cathedral jail in Envigado where Pablo Escobar was held. In 1993, Colombia’s National Football Team gets ready for the playoffs in the 94’ USA World Cup, René can’t make it because he is arrested and imprisoned for having mediated in the release of a kidnapped woman.
  • as 
    Carlos "El Pibe" Valderrama
    El “Pibe” went from being unknown to becoming the infamous number 10 of the Colombian National Football Team. In 1989, after a tough performance during the pre finals, he and his teammates did the unthinkable by making a comeback and participating in a World Cup after 30 years, fulfilling a promise to his father Jaricho, who had made him swear he would take Colombia back to a World Cup.
  • as 
    Faustino "El Tino" Asprilla
    Born and raised in a small village, he has every condition and characteristic an attacker would want: long legs that allow him to run like a hound; the agility to jump and elude obstacles, and a slyness you can only get from the streets. Fate however, has the path of glory reserved for him and not even his unruly and playful nature can keep him from becoming the most talented and skilled football player ever born in Colombia. Years later, Asprilla will become a top figure in the Italian Soccer team Parma and mingles among the Italian jet setters, making his libertine and womanizing actions as famous as his skills on the field.
  • as 
    Freddy Rincon
    In 1986 he has the chance to join a football team in Bogotá and says good-bye to his girl friend Caridad and his chemical engineering career. He leaves his humble house with his only pair of football cleats and a promise to his mother Rufina: “I’m going to be in the Colombian National Football Team and will turn this wooden house into the concrete-built house you deserve”.
  • as 
    Carolina Mendez
    She’s young, beautiful and lively, but unruly and temperamental. She wants only the best because her father Libardo, who has great plans for her, has accustomed her to it. Faustino comes on the scene to change it all and the young woman falls madly in love with the football player, who her father immediately declares to be his worse enemy.
  • as 
    Claridad Murillo
    Her dazzling beauty and overwhelming sensuality captivated Freddy Rincón from the start. She is a conceited, temperamental woman, and even though she likes football, she considers it her greatest rival in the relationship with Freddy, which makes her furious, but when she wants, she can make Freddy very happy.
  • as 
    Clarisa Galvan
    Clarisa, “El Pibe’s” wife, has a sixth sense that he doesn’t hesitate to call “witchcraft”. She is an authentic, cheerful, good natured, intelligent, lovely and affectionate woman with deep rooted virtues. She is always ready to support her husband and her family unconditionally.
  • as 
    Magnolia Echeverry
    She is Rene’s great love: a humble and simple woman who shows an unusual maturity for a teenager. She knows exactly what she wants and where she’s headed. She has all the virtues and the beauty found in a lead soap opera actress. Appropriately enough, because her life with Colombia’s goalkeeper is precisely that; a soap opera.


Asier Aguilar
Luis Alberto Restrepo & Ricardo Coral
Ángela Pulido, Henry Duque & Claudia Zambrano
Ricardo Torres & Carlos Arango
César Betancur, Perla Ramírez & Juan Andrés Granados