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Paloma, a humble small town girl, has a dream that she will fulfill regardless of the consequences: becoming Colombia´s first lady. In order to do so, she will have to give up the love she feels for Mariano and earn the trust of the future president Leonardo Santander. Most of all, she must gain the trust of his wife who unknowingly opens the doors of her house to the woman who will end up destroying her life completely and help her husband reach the presidency.



  • as 
    Paola Samudio
    Paloma, from a very young age, heard her father say he needed to get out of town because it was too little for him. That’s why Diablo José, as he was called, abandoned his family to move to Bogotá in search of a better life. At 29, tired of being poor, having a dull and boring life, and then being fired from her job as a waitress, she decides to follow her father’s footsteps and sets off to find him, trusting that he got the life he set out to get and that she’ll probably get it too. Paloma could’ve continued studying -she’s smart- but she wants to make money fast, have clothes, nice things, extravagant luxury… things she began to think of when she started seeing the magazines she would read and everything she saw on TV. When she arrives to the capital she settles in to her cousin’s house, and from there she begins a long journey to become First lady, making use of her charm, her lies, her ability to manipulate with her cuteness and supposed innocence, until the point of sacrificing the love she feels for Mariano. After all, for Paloma, to reach her dream justifies everything.
  • as 
    Leonardo Santander
    He is a successful and intelligent politician who lost his prestige, his family and worst of all for him, his possibility to become president of his country. As many already know, his big dream led him to totally disregard his family, to the point that his wife ended up cheating on him with a much younger man, a humiliation that was made public to the whole country, which can sever his presidential aspirations. But apparently, there’s someone who can save him: Paloma, a woman he will meet by chance, and whom he will immediately feel attracted to because of her optimistic and confident temper. Nonetheless, we want to let you know that the future president doesn’t imagine that behind Paloma’s angelic face lies the unscrupulous woman who destroyed his family and who will lift him to reach his dream: become president.
  • as 
    Ana Milena San Juan
    She was forced to quit her postgraduate degree in architecture when her children were born to take care of the household. When her husband, Leonardo, starts to compete in the political arena, her loneliness leads her to deep sense of personal frustration, which leads her at some point to have too much to drink. But tired of living a life that revolves around others and lacks emotion, Ana Milena decides to go back to the university to finish her career and get back her personal life. This causes strong confrontations with her husband, because according to him, when he needs her most to be by his side and available, she decides to go study. After Leonardo’s negative response, who refuses to help her pay for her studies, Ana Milena decides to hire Paloma as a personal assistant. Paloma will take care of her home and keeping her busy schedule to be able to comply with all her duties. What Mrs. Santander doesn’t know is that she’s letting a woman into her life who is going to destroy her marriage, and who will make her look like the biggest adulterer in Colombia in front of the entire country, in a carefully planned maneuver in which Paloma will slyly get her involved with Mariano, her daughter’s boyfriend, and at the same time, Paloma´s true love.
  • as 
    Mariano Zamora
    He is a committed and talented young director of the theater who has finally set up his first musical, with which he not only tries to wow everyone making it, but he also wants to transmit culture to a country, as he himself calls it, “materialistic, arriviste and who privileges economic goods”. He dreams with returning Colombia “its soul” through art, but he sees in himself the temptation to fall. But Mariano will become Paloma’s weakness, who will charm him changing his life completely, making it passion and not reason that will take over his being. Nonetheless, we tell you that with time, Mariano will discover the young lady’s true personality, that she’s willing to do anything to get where she wants, to the point of using him as a chess piece in one of her evil plans to keep Leonardo Santander to herself. For that reason, she’ll help Ana Milena San Juan to reveal the true personality of the First Lady. But Paloma isn’t the only one who feels attracted by this young, energetic and handsome man, Cristina Santander, daughter of the future president, will also try to win over the elusive heart of the theater director, proving to him that there are loves that are more pure and honest.
  • as 
    Estrella Soto
    She is Paloma’s mother and since not many know her, we can assure you that her personality is totally opposite to her daughter’s. Grateful with what the Virgin gave her, this woman is the typical Colombian mother: she will do up to the impossible for her family. Hard working and outgoing, all Estrella aspires to is to be able to give her children the tools and opportunities to find happiness. She’s happy with her little achievements and at ease with knowing that, all on her own, she was able to pull her family through. But after Paloma leaves and she finds out that she robbed Amaury, her humble beau, to finance her trip, Estrella will go look for her to get back the honor of her family. She wants to find her no matter what, to make her give back every cent she’s stolen and to make her understand that the path of lies and deceit will only lead her to unhappiness.
  • as 
    Jose Samudio "El Diablo"
    Also known as José the Devil as they call him in his town, after several swindles and cons he did to his neighbors. And that’s how he won the heart of the naïve Estrella, who fell in love with him believing in his promises of love and who gave him two children who he very early abandoned, when José left for Bogotá without giving notice, searching a better life. But the capital isn’t easy for a man that doesn’t want to work, and soon his ambitious personality lead him to get involved with the worst kind of people. After spending time in prison, today José spends his time drinking and enjoying his ill-earned money. But with the arrival of Estrella first and the children later, José decides to change his lifestyle and fight to get them back. But especially, he wants to fight to save Paloma, who growing up with his same wishes and ambitions, might end up like him or worse.