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To have the last name San Miguel brings with it the weight of being a member of one of the most prestigious families, but above all of maintaining and image of rectitude and stature. The entire country knows of every move this family makes and is unmerciful when it comes to judging them. Facing problems and finding out all of the secrets the family hides are what they woman of the San Miguel family are up against. Teresa Tobón, lawyer. A woman of character, hard working and dutiful, she is not only this family’s matriarch, she is also the head of the San Miguel & San Miguel law firm, which was founded by her late husband Tito San Miguel and whom, it seems, took several secrets to the grave with him, along with the torment of knowing his son, Jose Luis San Miguel, dead fifteen years ago, had an illegitimate daughter. Now this woman struggles incessantly to maintain the good image of her husband and son, whatever it takes. Mercedes Romero, Teresa’s daughter in law, is also a lawyer as well as a San Miguel widow. She married Jose Luis San Miguel and ever since her husband was murdered, she has done nothing but mourn him loyally and assure everyone that he was the love of her life. At the beginning of this story, she, more than anyone, will feel the weight of society –and of her own conscience- on her shoulders as she discovers that everything she though she knew is a lie and that her husband left behind a history of infidelity along with an illegitimate daughter, Julie. Claudia is the daughter of Mercedes and Jose Luis, therefore Julie’s half-sister. These two women coincide in having the same father but are totally different in every other way. The discovery of Julie as another San Miguel will be the beginning of a war between these two women, Teresa’s preferences, Julie’s personality and above all, the love of the same man, will lead them to see each other as anything but sisters. That man is Alejandro Valencia, an intelligent lawyer and devoted humanitarian who will first find room in his heart for Julie before Claudia tries to clay her way in. There are no more widows in this family, but Claudia knows the feeling as her ex-husband, Carlos Morales, a politician unlike any other in the country, whom she loved and with whom she had a daughter named Victoria, told the nation he was gay. Her hopes died, her questions and uncertainties grew and at this moment, she has no other choice but to cling to the San Miguel and the love they offer her, and to hope –wrong as it may be- to find love again with Alejandro. Now, Teresa, widowed; Mercedes, knowing that her husband had a daughter out of wedlock; Claudia, divorced from a gay man; Vicky, with a lying, deadbeat boyfriend that is almost twice her age; and Julie, who just discovered she belongs to one of the wealthiest families, will have to join forces, not only to deal with their personal problems and conflicts, but with all of the labels society will pin on them because of the errors of the past that the San Miguel women are now forced to pay for. Lies, mistakes, betrayal… they may be a part of every family, but the women who belong to this one will be criticized, unjustly judged, all simply because they are the San Miguel.



  • as 
    Teresa Tobon de San Miguel
    70 years old. Tito’s widow. Jose Luis San Miguel’s mother. As the matriarch of the San Miguel’s, family is the most important thing for this woman, she never forgets betrayal, moral duty and good manners. She had a good marriage to the late Tito, as traditional marriages go, and now that neither he nor her son (Jose Luis San Miguel) are around, her top priority is to preserve their good image at all costs. She is a very strong and controlling woman, and many times, she is quick to judge.
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    Mercedes Romero de San Miguel
    55 years old. Jose Luis San Miguel’s widow. Claudia’s mother. Despite her age, she is an open-minded woman, calm and reluctant to confrontations or discussions. She is a hard-working professional but that part of her life took second chair to her activities as a wife and mother. At the beginning of the story she is about to realize that none of her sacrifices were worthwhile: the husband she dedicated so much to, left a daughter out of wedlock and apparently many more secrets. She always lived in an idealized world because she took great pains to convince herself of that, but not because she is naïve. She has no experience with men. She shies away from confrontation and sometimes does not speak her mind.
  • as 
    Claudia San Miguel
    38 years old. Daughter of Luis and Mercedes, Carlos’ ex-wife, Vicky’s mother. Uptight in every aspect of her life, nothing moves outside of the norm. She has a hard time being spontaneous and a harder one steering away from plans. She is a practical woman and prefers rationality to emotion. Her feelings are often left unrevealed. Extremely ethical, correct and, first and foremost, honest. Generous and practical, she is the one that makes the most sacrifices in order to be with her family.
  • as 
    Victoria Hidalgo San Miguel
    19 years old. Daughter of Carlos Hidalgo and Claudia Santamaría. Far from her mother´s personality, she is not a complicated person, spontaneous, and very liberal. She does not plan ahead and is a very emotional person. When confronting situations she may complain but never get frustrated. She does not like to stress over anything and is a very loving and caring person, although she cries very easily. Never a judgemental person.
  • as 
    Yuly Lozano
    25 years old. Born out of wedlock to Jose Luis San Miguel. Her mother is Marcela. A woman in her own right, straight forward, feisty and extremely jealous. She never pretends to be something she’s not but she has a chip on her shoulder that Claudia Santamaria always brings out. She has a hard time deserving Harold’s love. She is a proud and tough young woman, but very immature at the same time. At first glance, you can tell she is temperamental and impulsive. She is loyal, a good daughter, passionate for life and cares about other people’s pain.
  • as 
    Marcela Lozano
    50 years old. Yuly’s mother, secretary, and Jose Luis San Miguel’s mistress for 15 years. Prudent and noble, she is a pacifist who doesn’t like fighting. Very in love with the memory of Jose Luis, excessively faithful to a man that always denied their relationship, but she was his mistress and loved him dearly. She is the “watchdog” of the memory of the love of her life, her daughter’s father.
  • as 
    Alejandro Valencia
    38 years old. Yuly’s boyfriend, lawyer, who is against San Juan Flores. Confrontational, honest and very altruistic. He is convinced that the world can change without losing touch with reality, this man does not make promises he can’t keep, and he does as he says. He is kind, supportive, loyal, and honest. Committed to humane causes. His life was perfectly in place until he meets the San Miguel women. That profound feeling he has for one of them in specific will not allow him move forward with Yuly and this decision will be without doubt the most difficult he has made in his life.
  • as 
    Lorenzo Londoño
    60 years old. Tito and Teresa’s long time chauffer. Faithful, respectful and loyal to his bosses. He has enough trust, due to his many years on the job with the family, to tell Teresa a few truths to her face, but always remembering his place. Friend and advisor to Teresa, he has the wisdom that comes with life.
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    Camilo Rincón
    30 years old. Carlos’ boyfriend. He is a well-off man who refuses to accept he is gay and will not come out of the closet. He loves Carlos, but his capricious and convenient behavior will make him think he is walking on egg shells in this relationship. However, he knows that in the end the result is always the same: Carlos is an unconditional person.